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Nigerian Weddings Guide (NWG) offers a one place resource for everyone affected by wedding and marriage one way or another to find the help they need. You see unlike other Nigeria wedding sites, we understand that wedding affect different groups of people not just those planning a wedding. There are mature singles who want to get married but that are either still waiting to find a marriage mate, in a relationship trying to decide whether they're compatible with their significant other, wondering whether their boyfriend will ever propose or if they even want him to. And there are the newlyweds trying to fit into the new life they have just started and faced with new issues to deal with. All these different groups of people have a common goal they're pursuing and looking forward to succeed in - wedding and marriage. And NWG is the site that meet these individual group needs in one place.

So whatever stage you are relating to wedding, whether you're engaged and planning a wedding, a mature single in a relationship or still searching to find your soul mate, or even struggling with whether or not to get married, you'll find the answers, support and or inspiration you're looking for on this site.

The NWG Mission


NWG focus is on helping brides and grooms-to-be think more of the marriage than the wedding itself because in the long run that is what is most important. So we have lots of articles on budgeting to help brides-to-be create and stick to their budget and plan an inexpensive wedding. We know if money isn't an issue you'd love to hire a wedding planner to ease the planning stress while helping you plan a fabulous wedding. So we give you access to a professional Nigerian wedding planner without eating deep into your wedding budget. And there are some articles too on honeymooning since the honeymoon stage is important in strengthening the bond of a newly married couple. We support cheap. But cheap and fabulous. In general we try to provide as much practical information as possible to help a bride-to-be plan the perfect wedding for her budget. The most practical content comes from newlyweds sharing their experiences with us so that brides to-be can learn from them to improve on their wedding planning and avoid the mistakes they made.


On this site we regard any mature person who is not engaged as someone in the pre-engaged stage. The group of people in this stage ranges from mature singles in a relationship, mature singles looking for a marriage mate, to even singles who have just ended a relationship and now wondering where to start from. We have special interest in this group because they are faced with different emotional challenges that many of us can relate with. For singles seeking a marriage mate our mission is to help them find a compatible mate as soon as possible and get engaged. So we have a page that offers them that opportunity. Also we have articles that provide advice in choosing a compatible mate and marriage proposal ideas. For singles in a relationship our content is geared toward helping them decide whether they are in the right relationship, help them grow as individuals and improve on their relationship if necessary or sometimes support them when it's necessary for them to break up and start all over.


Marriage is a beginning not an end. So there are a lot of new issues that comes up after getting married. On this site we touch a few of those issues. Our focus is on guiding the newlywed toward building a successful marriage. Yes, here we're crazy about building successful homes. So our articles are a mix of advice for newlyweds and starting a family. And providing newlyweds the opportunity to submit wedding stories to us which could be happy ones or stories about challenges they're faced with in their marriage so we can offer advice and support.

In Short

Just like Beyounce in the song "I was here" we want to leave our "footprints on the sands of time". Know that we gave our best in the service of others. The Internet has made it possible to reach millions of people from the comfort of our homes. So having a website where we write to guide, support and inspire seemed like a good way to serve others. And since weddings affect everyone one way or another we feel it's a good place to start. But we didn't want to leave the pre-engaged out because they need us too much; they are a mess (emotionally). And we just could not afford not to talk about life after the wedding (marriage) because let's face it if more of us strive to build better homes we'd build a better nation and a better world.


Karo Itoje


The "We" is actually just Me. And yes, I'm the one with the passion to serve and the dream to be remembered for something.

Why Nigerian Weddings Guide? Actually it's not hard to understand.

I had some degree in accounting. Worked a few years for two different companies; first as an Audit trainee and later as an Audit assistant. The jobs were very boring, had very little to do. Started reading a lot and making notes just to kill time in the office. Discovered I love to write; especially to advice, guide, support and inspire. Coupled with my passion for financial independence and passive incomes, and having heard about making money from home through Blogging, I start a blog to write about making money from home by Blogging. But too many people writing about it, I felt the niche will survive without me and so I let the site go. I needed a new niche to write in and I thought why not Weddings!

I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier. I mean it's a perfect fit. I love relationships and weddings including talking about it. I see a few important issues surrounding it that I can help with. Among the first things I thought about when the idea for the site came to me was, now I can even help mature singles find a mate! I can relate with what never married single women go through and to be able to help some of them including mature single men find their soul mate I felt is a blessing in itself. And then realizing that the sites available on Nigeria wedding are not doing everything they can on the topic, Nigerian Weddings Guide was born to be an all in one go to site for everything weddings. I launched NWG on January 5th, 2013. Since then I've written many articles and offered a few great services.

Enjoy your visit to the site. And if there's something you'd like us to improve on, or add to the site, please use the form on the Contact page to reach me. I'll be glad to hear from you.

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