Ask A Wedding Planner - Can't Hire A Planner But Need Some Pro Help?

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Ask A Wedding Planner, our new feature on NWG offers you the opportunity to get specific wedding planning questions answered by a wedding planner via Phone, WhatsApp or BBM without spending thousands of naira hiring a wedding planner.

There's been a cry for help from many of the brides-to-be using this website on certain areas of their wedding planning. So I came up with Ask A Wedding Planner, a service I believe is the best solution for every do it yourself brides-to-be to get the help they need with their planning quickly.

For us brides our wedding is usually the best day of our lives. It's a day we've been looking forward to since we were teenagers. Now that it's finally happening, we want everything beautiful just like we have always dreamed it will be. Having a beautiful wedding requires a lot of planning and creativity. Unfortunately many of us lack that creativity especially when it comes to combining wedding colors. It's nothing to be shy about. Even the smartest of us don't know what goes with what. It will be great to hire a wedding planner, however most of our wedding budgets wouldn't allow it.

To help I wrote some articles on wedding color combinations. I even wrote on how to combine specific wedding colors as a response to questions submitted by readers. However, there are so many colors and each bride-to-be's question is unique. And since I can no longer personally response to wedding questions submitted because of lack of time, and readers still keep sending in questions even when I have said I may never get to responding to the questions, I partnered with a great wedding planner to offer some of her time to answer your wedding questions, be it on color combinations or any other area you're having challenge in your wedding planning. In exchange you pay a small consultation fee for her time, much smaller than how much it cost to hire a wedding planner. And you get immediate pro help for sp ecific areas you're having challenge in your wedding planning. That sounds great right?

Here's how it works:

You decide on how much time you think you will need with the wedding planner. The minimum time we offer is one hour. You pay the required consultation fee. After making payment you fill out this form. And our wedding planner will contact you within a few hours to discuss the best time suitable for both of you to have your Q and A.

Consultation Fee

1 hour - N5, 000

3 hours - N12, 000 (20% discount)

Here at NWG I'm all about helping you plan a fabulous cheap wedding. Our Ask A Wedding Planner feature offers you the opportunity to use a wedding planner for your wedding planning but only to the extent that you need to. You end up with a beautiful wedding planned like a pro while still staying within your budget.

Click here for how to make your payment.

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