Average Age Of Marriage In Nigeria

The average age of marriage in Nigeria is very high, much higher than that of the western world. And that is because of the poor economy of Nigeria.

Most Nigerian men don't get married until their mid 30s. And that's often when they can afford to.

Most of our men like to be educated, get a job, get an apartment and some other comfort; like owning a car, before getting married and all these takes time to materialize. And a man needs to be sure that he can take care of a family before taking that step. That's very essential since in Nigeria there is no type of family support whatsoever offered by the Government.

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Education to the level of a college graduate in Nigeria takes many years. Usually after high school many don't pass their Senior School Certificate Examination until after several sittings. And then sometimes they spend some extra years in college because of regular ASUU (Academic Staff Union of Universities) strike. And when they finally graduate they spend some more years at home in the labor market. And some men have siblings depending on them financially too. So usually it takes a Nigerian man at least 27-29 years to be financially ready to handle the responsibility of getting married.

And this tells on Nigerian women too. Since the men take forever to be ready for marriage many Nigerian women marry late too. Moreover Nigerian women love education too. Many don't consider marriage until they're a college graduate. And like the Nigerian man, usually the Nigerian woman has siblings depending on her financially too especially if she is the eldest daughter. So very occasionally you see a Nigerian girl getting married at 18. Many of our girls don't get married until they're at least 24 years. And many get married at the age of 28 and above.

The economy of Nigerian has a lot to do with the high average age of marriage in Nigeria because there are many mature Nigerian men who though have a job but can't afford to maintain a wife on what they earn. And since there's no support anywhere they have to keep working and saving. And even at that they still can't maintain a family on their finance alone. So what is common is men seeking women who are working too or have a business so that they can help support the family expenses.

What's the Right Age for First Marriage?

Anyone mature enough that is in love can get married. There's no particular age right for marriage. I've seen younger people who behaved more maturely than those who were older. So age is not the best way to judge maturity. I believe you'll know if you're mature enough for marriage.

Marriage means living with a different character for the rest of your life. So you need a high level of tolerance, understanding, communication skills and patience. If you think you have all that and can handle the added financial responsibility then you're ready.

But it's surely good to take your time and plan ahead too. Getting married may mean starting a family too. And when the kids start coming in, the care they will demand often makes it almost impossible to pursue your own personal goals. So it's wise that if you still have age on your side that you take the time now that you have your time to yourself to achieve those personal goals before getting married. So that when you do get married and start a family you can give them your full attention. Keep in mind it is not how far but how well.

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