Average Wedding Cost - The Cost of Weddings in Nigeria

What is the average wedding cost now in Nigeria?

I wish I can answer that question directly but sadly no survey has been conducted or none that I am aware of to help tell for sure what it cost on average to get married in Nigeria.

However what I can tell you for sure is that worldwide wedding cost has been on the increase especially in the last few years.

According to a survey conducted by the theknot.com; the cost of weddings in the US last year (2012) on average was $28.427. And that is its highest since 2008. And like I've said it's a worldwide increase. Brides are being influenced by the society, family and peers to have big weddings; even though many of them can't even afford to.

In Nigeria brides to be would rather hold off on their wedding till they can afford the budget they want for their wedding. With the Nigerian tradition of who pays for the wedding and Nigerian men well aware of how demanding financially wedding costs can be they hold off marriage for a long time; which is why the Nigerian average age of marriage is high.

Many Nigerians will tell you that for an average wedding here in Nigeria you need to have a million naira and above; and that can be true.

These days even weddings of 1-3 million naira is an average wedding. And the really big weddings can go for up to 50 million naira and above.

However don't let these figures scare you. What your wedding will cost depend on what you say it will cost. So if you're reading this article to get an idea what to expect to spend planning a wedding then forget about the average wedding cost and pay attention to the tips I shared below to help you come up with a wedding cost that you can afford.

Tips to Help Reduce your Wedding Cost

Cheap doesn't always mean cheap: What you must know first of all is that when I talk about reducing your wedding cost I'm not necessarily asking you to compromise quality. There are cheap wedding vendors that give quality services. However because they're not yet well known they offer their services cheap to the average Nigerians. So you can still have a quality wedding without the extra costs.

Trust me I know firsthand that cheap doesn't always mean low quality. You can reduce wedding cost without reducing wedding style. You just need to be smart and a bit creative. For example know where to cut cost; and know what to spend on that will help you in your overall wedding planning yet greatly cutting cost. For example on a first thought you may think hiring a wedding planner will be spending more money. But if you think deeper you'll know that hiring a planner will pay for itself and more as it will help you save lots of stress, time and money because if you use an experienced planner you can get some discounts from wedding vendors that can greatly help reduce your wedding cost.

A Bride and Groom to be must be on the same page: When it comes to weddings women are much more sentimental about it. They often want it to be trendy and the talk of the town. They forget it's not just about the wedding but the marriage especially. But if you're lucky to have a woman who is reasonable and understands that there is life after the wedding then that will help you a lot.

Have you proposed yet? If you haven't you many want to find out her wedding expectations first to see if it's something you can handle. You don't want to go too far before realizing this and wish you could back out.

My white wedding is coming up on the 29th of August and as the preparations are going on, I was demanding from my fiancee that we should be accountable for every money we spend so as to squeeze the wedding within our tight budget of N2.5M. The problem is she's complaining that I'm scaring her by my suggestions. She said I'm not supposed to know how much she buys stuffs or what she does with the money I give her. Pls am I on the wrong part? Does that make me stingy and tight fisted with money? I'm footing all the bills as she is not working & no support is coming from her side.

That post was made on nairaland in June 2009. You can imagine as at June 2009 when things were even still better than now a bride having problem working with a budget of 2.5 million naira budget.

The truth is a woman that refused to work with what you have and instead listen to her mother and friends about how her wedding should be like even when she knows you can hardly afford it especially when she's not bringing anything to the table has a character trait you likely want to question in a woman you want to call your wife.

I'm saying a lot about the woman because it's all in her hands really. If she wouldn't work with what you have then you'll have a big problem.

If you're a bride to be then I encourage you to be reasonable and try working together with your husband to be because the wedding planning is actually the start of your life together because it tests you two to your limits. You don't want your husband to be going into the marriage with a grudge about how things were handled during the wedding planning; because that grudge could be the beginning of a serious marriage problem for you. And your marriage will last for a very long time whereas your wedding is just a day. So it's a no brainer which one's success you should be more interested in.

I love her but at some points during this preparations I've wished I could retrace my steps but I'm too far gone to go back.

Now you understand what I mean. A groom to be with this line of thought already is very dangerous to your marriage. So be reasonable for the sake of your happiness in your marriage. Keep in mind those people you may want to impress so badly with your wedding will not be there for you in your marriage. So for your own good the only person you should want to impress is your husband to be.

I asked a close friend sometime ago what kind of woman he wanted and he simply said he wants a woman who can manage his money. So use the wedding planning period to show your groom that you're that woman who can manage his money well. And let him love you more as a result of the qualities you display during your wedding planning and start your marriage even more in love.

Make a priority list: When trying to estimate the cost of a wedding, that is how much you'll need for your wedding, start by writing down the things that you absolutely need to have on that day vs things you could skip.

Make a budget list: From your priority list come up with a budget for the wedding and add some extra money. You can call it "miscellaneous expenses" or "unforeseen occurrence allowance" in your budget list. That extra is for anything forgotten that you will eventually add to the list or anything that cost a bit extra. The point is that after you come up with a budget you do your best to stay within it. And for that you have to make sure first that your budget is reasonable and workable. And by that it means before creating a budget you get an idea what each item on your wedding list cost or their average before deciding on what amount to allocate to them.

Budget accountability: In the quote from the Nairaland forum post above you can see that the groom was demanding for accountability from the bride. And his bride wasn't finding it funny that he was asking her to tell him about what and what amount she was spending on what. So as the groom to be bringing in the money, instead of doing that, have an agreement together that your budget amount is the most you can spend for the wedding. And pay in the money to the bride-to-be bank account to buy all that she needs to buy for the wedding while you keep the money you'll need to buy some of the things in your wedding budget list; e.g your attire for the wedding especially for the white wedding. And then it's left to your bride to follow the budget. If she likes let her exceed it or manage it well that she's even able to save some money from the budget for herself; that's not your problem. Make sure to emphasize to her that if she spends above the budget the extra better be coming from her!

And bride to be your wedding is not the time to save money for yourself. Well at least if you want to save then make the effort to get the best possible deals from vendors so you can have extra from your budget to save for yourself. Don't use the wedding to exploit the groom. Otherwise be ready for the possible consequences of doing that as mention above.

Work with brides and grooms: The bride especially should consult with friends who got married recently to get ideas about how much they spent on their wedding, how they managed cost, what wedding vendor did what and if they gave a good service and they're cheap you can contact them too. That can save you time and money. And also find out about challenges they faced so you can work on avoiding that at your wedding.

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