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Which bouquet flower to carry on the wedding day is not something some brides give much importance; my elder sister didn't when planning for her wedding. She simply bought an averagely full fake white rose flower (she used a white dress) and she used a pink ribbon which was the color of the maid of honor's dress to tie it.

And I thought it was beautiful. And since it was fake flowers she was able to use it as a small decoration in their sitting room after the wedding.

So you could do something like that and it will be fine. But it makes sense too to pay more attention to the bouquet you carry because it's your special day and the bouquet is one of the things your guests will notice the most as you walk down the aisle.

Bridal Bouquet Ideas

But with so many styles, shapes and colors to choose from, it could get confusing if you're not sure what you're looking for. So here are some ideas to make your decision easier for you.

Where to Start

You have a few questions to answer. What flower, color, size and style of bouquet should you go for?

A good place to start answering some of those questions is by deciding first whether you want to make the bouquet meaningful to your relationship with your intending spouse or go with the trend and/or match it to your wedding theme.

Giving your Bridal Bouquet a Meaning

What Flower and Color

If you decide you want to make your bouquet symbolic then to answer the question of what flower and color, you have to decide on what you want it to symbolize about your relationship. Usually it's that thing you consider the foundation of your relationship.

So what's the foundation of your relationship? Or that thing that makes your relationship thick or what's most important to the two of you? Is it love? Then use red or white roses. White rose symbolizes purity and love. Is it fidelity? Add a little of ivy. Is it passion? Add yellow irises. Is it forgiveness? Use white tulips. Whatever you're feeling you'll find a specific bloom that signifies it.

To add more meaning you can attach something of significance too to the bouquet. Such as the first gift your husband to-be bought for you ; if that's possible. If it's something like earrings, brooches, you can pin it to the wrap. Or wrap your bouquet with a piece of the dress you wore on your first date. Or even with a piece of your mother's wedding dress.

More on choosing Bridal Bouqet Flower and Color

You need to decide too, are you using fake flowers or fresh ones. Fake flowers no doubt gives you more options as it comes in all types of colors and will save you more time. You can buy it several days before the wedding. And you can even use it after the wedding if you so wish. Fresh flowers are much more delicate. You'll have to pick it just a few hours before the wedding so that it doesn't start to wilt.

For type of flower, if you have a favorite flower then you need to consider that too. It's your wedding therefore it should show your taste including for flowers. But if you're using a favorite flower then you want to consider whether or not it will be in season when you'll be getting married; that's if you're using fresh flower.

Your wedding bouquet colors no doubt should compliment your wedding scheme. The traditional bridal bouquet color is white and it's still the most popularly used at weddings. However there are several color choices such as pale pink through to rich, vibrant colors such as hot pink, burgundy and violets.

Going with the Trend and Matching Bridal Bouquet with Wedding Theme

Following trend is easy. Just make your research and find out what's trendy now in the wedding industry. If you're going with the trend then you'll likely be following trend too for your wedding theme. So all you have to do is match your bouquet with your wedding theme.

Matching a bouquet to a wedding theme, for example, shells and starfish make a great accents for a beach wedding, and ivy a butterfly pendant or a small, tasteful lad bug pin will transform a bouquet into a garden party-ready bloom.

Bridal Bouquet Styles - Types of Wedding Bouquets

Continue to part 2 of bridal bouquet pictures to read types of bridal bouquets.

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