FAQ For the Buyer and Seller of Bridal/Bridesmaid Preowned and Used Dresses on NigerianWeddingsGuide.com

Online buying and selling is becoming common even for Nigerians because it takes off a lot of stress from both parties and offers a lot of options in one place. Sadly online transactions for Nigerians is not a smooth sailing yet because of the lack or cheap online payment service for Nigerians. However whether or not there's a smooth online payment process, the challenge with buying and selling online remains, which is the issue of trust. The buyer worrying whether or not to trust the seller and the seller worrying about the same thing.

The issue of trust will always remain even while dealing with people offline. It's only more difficult online as you're not seeing the person you're dealing with face to face. But with this FAQ page I've tried to guide the seller and the buyer as much as possible to make sure the selling and buying of used wedding dresses from this site go as smoothly as possible.

Seller's FAQ

Buyer's FAQ

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Seller's FAQ and Answers

Do I have to register to sell a wedding dress on NigerianWeddingsGuide?
No. No registration is required.

How do I list my used wedding dress on NigeriansWeddingsGuide.com?
For information on the steps to follow to list your preowned or used wedding dress please visit the listing page.

How do I know how much to charge for my dress?
How much you charge for your dress is up to you. But as a guide here are some standard pricing guidelines:

  • Unworn dresses with tags or in original boxes (perhaps a dress you bought or sewed but for some reasons ended up not wearing) are usually discounted 20%-30% off retail prices.

  • A dress that has been used once and is still in good condition can get you 50% of their original retail price.

  • Damaged and older wedding dresses (perhaps a used dress you bought for your wedding and now want to resell it) are usually listed at 60%-80% off their original price.

How do I create a great listing?
Provide as much information as possible to help the buyer make a quick decision about your dress. Write a detailed description of your dress. It’s also important to include good, clear photos of your dress in your listing.

Where do I get photos to post in my listing?
If it's a wedding dress you've worn then you should post photos of it from the wedding day. You may also take your own photos of the dress, but keep in mind that it’s difficult to see the shape of a dress when it’s on a hanger or spread out somewhere. Attire and accessories look best when they’re photographed being worn. Please do not post any images that you do not own the rights to.

How do I take good photos?
Use a digital camera to photograph your dress and do this during the daytime with as much natural light as possible. Take some photos that show the whole dress, and others that focus on interesting details like beading or embroidery. If you don't have a digital camera then make the effort to invite a digital photographer to your house to take shots of you in the dress. Be sure to take clear pics of any area of your dress that is stained, damaged or worn. You’ll ensure a smooth transaction if the buyer can see an honest representation of the condition of the dress.

How will buyers get in touch with me?
Buyers will contact you using our secure messaging system which you're given access to through the contact form added to your listing. How it works is that the message sent through the form is sent to Nigerian Weddings Guide. But I've set it up to copy (CC) you (which is why I request for your email during listing). So as a message is left through the form on your listing page for Nigerian Weddings Guide a copy of it is automatically sent to you.

Nigerian Weddings Guide doesn't contact buyers. We simply send you the information left for you through the form and you can then use the buyer's information to reply back to the buyer.

Must I add my name to my listing?
No. But I recommend you do and even consider adding a link to your Facebook profile if you have an account as it's likely to build trust in a prospective buyer if they can learn more about who they're about dealing with.

Who should pay for shipping?
It’s up to you and the buyer to decide who pays for shipping. Decide who will pay for it before you finalize the sale. It's better if you state this clearly in your listing so that a buyer knows your terms before contacting you.

What are Terms of Sale?
Terms of Sale are, simply put, your personal rules for the sale of your dress. Some common terms of sale include “no returns” or “returns accepted within X days of receipt”, "same state pickup only" or "Nationwide but shipping is buyer's responsibility", or "Nationwide, shipping fee to be divided 50/50 between buyer and seller" and so on. You can also determine in your Terms of Sale whether shipping fees are included in your price if you're selling to buyers across Nigeria. The more flexible your Terms of Sale, the easier it will be to sell your dress.

Should I offer a return policy?
Offering a return policy is completely up to you, but you may want to and here's why. Buying a wedding dress is an emotional and financial decision. It will make it easier for a woman (who has never met you) to buy from you if she knows that she can return it if it really doesn't fit or really doesn't flatter her.

If you are going to offer a return policy however, here is what we suggest:

1) Offer it for a finite period: The buyer should have to notify you within 24 hours of receiving the dress and should have to ship it back within 48 hours.

2) The buyer should be responsible for shipping charges both ways.

3) Consider charging a "return fee" of 5-15% of your asking price. This will encourage only serious buyers from taking advantage of your returns offer.

What if the buyer offers me less than my asking price?
It’s up to you whether or not to accept their offer. You can politely respond to any offer and accept, make a counter-offer, or explain that your asking price is firm. Better still, state it in your listing whether or not the asking price is negotiable. So you don't keep getting the same question from buyers.

Can I edit my listing after it has been published?
Maybe you're considering reducing your price or changing your photos? Yes, you can edit your listing after it has been published. Just follow the same process you used to create your listing except title it as "Update for my wedding dress listing". Add your details such as name and email so we can easily locate your listing and update it with the new information you send in.

How do I know if a buyer is sincere?
While it’s rare to encounter a fraudulent buyer on Nigerian Weddings Guide, it can happen. Here are some signs that you've been contacted by a scammer:

  • Very poor spelling and grammar. Though there's likely to be exceptions to this. I mean the fact that someone doesn't speak or write well doesn't immediately mean she's a scammer.

  • Non-specific reference to what you're selling (i.e. Instead of saying "I want to buy your wedding dress", it says, "I want to buy your item" or "I want to buy your stuff")

  • An offer to pay more than your asking price. You know how it is, when something sounds too good to be true it likely isn't. So watch out for any exaggerated behavior.

What should I do if I get an e-mail that contains one or more of the above red flags?
If you've already responded to them, it's okay. We've never heard of any scam that can be perpetrated based on your e-mail address alone. Be sure not to give out any of your personal banking information except your bank name, account name and account number if you've both agreed that the buyer pay the asking price into your bank account. But do not give the buyer your wedding dress and accept a check in return except cash. And don't ever ship your dress unless you've received and confirmed payment through a reliable method (direct bank deposit or cash in hand).

How do I protect myself from fraud?
The best way to protect yourself from fraud is to request same state pick up only. And then arrrange to meet in an open place where you can complete your transaction. The buyer pays you in cash and you immediately hand over the dress.

However while same state pick up only is safer it surely will delay the sale of your dress. I mean you will not only have to find a buyer from your state, but a buyer from your state that will like your wedding dress. So I'll recommend instead to open your listing to buyers Nationwide. And then watch out for the scam flags listed above. But it's your decision to make. Keep in mind, never ship your dress until you've confirmed full payment from the buyer.

What should you do if you suspect a buyer or seller of a scam?
Send me a mail and forward to me the relevant information. I can help you verify the legitimacy of the correspondence and answer any questions. NigerianWeddingsGuide.com investigates any reports of fraud or scam.

Every scam report makes the site safer for everyone.

The majority of online buyers and sellers are honest people. But it's your responsibility to take every necessary precaution.

When will my listing expire?
Your listing will remain on the site as long as the site exist. We don't delete listings because we don't want to end up with a lot of dead links to this site. But when your wedding dress is sold and you inform me about it, I'll indicate it on your listing page that your dress is now sold and no longer available and then remove the contact form from your listing so that buyers can no longer reach you.

What happens to my listing once my dress sells?
Once your wedding dress listed is sold, do leave a comment on your listing making that clear. And state how much you sold it for (optional). You can also add to your comment how your experience with the whole process of selling a wedding dress through this site was. But most importantly contact me to let me know when your listing is sold so that I can indicate above your listing "Now Sold" and remove the contact form on your page so that you don't keep getting enquiry emails.

Still Need Help?

If I didn't answer your question here, please contact me and I'll do my best to help you.

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Buyer's FAQ and Answers

Do I have to register to browse and buy from the NigerianWeddingsGuide used wedding dress listing?
No. No registration of any kind is required.

What type of wedding dresses can I buy from Nigerian Weddings Guide?
For now we only welcome listings of preowned and used bridal dresses and bridesmaid dresses. So you can only buy those types of wedding dresses here.

How do I buy a wedding dress on Nigerian Weddings Guide?
Click on used wedding dress listings. Below the page you'll find all the existing listings on Nigerian Weddings Guide for bridal and bridesmaid wedding dresses. Browse through the listing. When you find the dress you like that is still available on sale, use the contact form on the seller's page to contact the seller directly.

NigerianWeddingsGuide only connects buyers and sellers and not at all involved in the transaction. Transaction is done completely outside the site.

What if the seller doesn’t get back to me after I contact her?
Give the seller up to a week to respond to your inquiry, then try again. If the seller still doesn’t respond, please send me an e-mail about it, and I’ll try to contact the seller on your behalf. Additionally I encourage that as you contact a seller you leave a comment on their listing page also, so you increase your chance of the seller seeing your message in time.

Are all of the wedding dresses listed on Nigerian Weddings Guide for sale used?
I welcome two categories of wedding dresses on the listing page - Preowned (that is though bought for a wedding but wasn't or hasn't been worn) and used (worn at least once). Each listing will state clearly the category the dress belong.

How do I know if the dress will fit and if I'll like it when it arrives after paying for it?
We allow sellers to upload up to 4 pictures of the dress; preferrably of different views of the dress. So you can see clearly if you like it or not. Also brides indicate the size of the dress. So you can tell if it's your size. And if there's any difference when it reaches you it will only need little amendment.

How much discount will I get by shopping for a used wedding dress on NigerianWeddingsGuide.com?
The discount you can get varies. Pricing is the seller's sole responsibility and they likely charge based on how they feel about the dress and the condition of the dress. But here's the guidelines available to them:

  • Unworn items with tags or in original boxes are usually discounted 20%-30% off retail prices.

  • Once-used items in good condition can normally fetch 50% of their original retail price.

  • Damaged and older wedding dresses can attract between 60%-80% off their original price.

We recommend that if possibe you research the real value of a dress you’re interested in buying. Confirm the dress original retail price and current condition to help you decide what you’re willing to pay.

Can I bargain with sellers?
Yes you can. We ask sellers who are willing to bargain to indicate that in their listing "Negotiable". So if you see a seller whose profile indicate that about the asking price, then it means you can bargain. Even though a seller's listing says the asking price is non-negotiable you may still try to bargain as many who were not willing to bargain may eventually do so or will lower their price if they don’t receive interest from other buyers.

How do I protect myself from fraud?
The best way to protect yourself from fraud will be to only deal with a seller in the same state as you so that you can meet with the seller face to face and collect the dress as you're handing over the money.

However that limits your options of the dress you can buy. So I'll say instead of insisting on a seller in the same state with you simply watch out for red flags. If there's any single reason for suspicion such as the seller in extreme urgency for you to send the money without answering your questions to satisfaction contact me and discuss it before sending money to the seller.

What are Terms of Sale?
Terms of Sale are the seller’s rules for the sale of their dress. The seller’s terms of sale should tell you whether they will accept returns, who is expected to pay for shipping and if they want to deal with a buyer outside their state. It’s important to clearly agree upon the Terms of Sale before sending payment to a seller.

Who should pay for shipping?
Usually a seller states this as part of her terms of sale in her listing. But you can try negotiating it. It’s up to you and the seller to decide who pays for shipping. More importantly, you should insist that your dress when shipped be professionally packed to avoid stains and damage. If the seller has agreed to accept returns, you should decide in advance who will pay for return shipping, usually this will be the buyer. A seller is expected to state all these in their terms of sales and also state if these terms are negotiatable.

How do I know if a seller is sincere?
While it’s very rare to encounter a fraudulent seller on NigerianWeddingsGuide.com (because of the information I make sure a seller includes in their listing and I personally call those who make listings here to confirm the dress in the listing is legit before publishing it), it could happen. The only way to be sure that you're protected from fraud is as I've mentioned above, do your payment and dress transfer face to face and in a public place.

But as that can't always be possible, here are the signs to watch out for:

  • Poor grammar and spelling. Doesn't always apply though as there are some Nigerian brides who can't speak good English well. That shouldn't make them a spammer.

  • A seller who is in too much hurry for you to send the payment.

  • A seller who avoids answering certain questions you ask.

  • A seller who seem to be too considerate; though there may be some exceptions. But when something sounds too good to be true it may be best to assume it isn't.

Settle all your concerns before sending money for a dress to a seller.

What if I encounter a fraudulent seller?
NigerianWeddingsGuide.com does its best to offer support before transactions take place which is why I encourage you to email me about your doubts about a seller if you have any before sending money.

However NigerianWeddingsGuide.com cannot guarantee the honesty of everybody who uses the site and we take no responsibilty if a transaction goes bad. But we do investigate scams.

If you're scammed which has a slim chance of happening, please contact me and report your case. However the best I can do is delete the listing and ban the person from using this site.

Still Need Help?

If I didn't answer your question here, please contact me and I'll do my best to help you.

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