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There is nothing sparkling or dramatic about catholic wedding ceremonies. Catholic weddings may just be one of the cheapest and quickest wedding ceremonies there is.

The only compulsory expense you have to make for a Catholic wedding is to obtain a form you'll fill out with N1,000.

And for a wedding ceremony to take place all you need is the priest or deacon present and then two witnesses and in 30 minutes you're done! At least that's the case for a Nigerian Catholic wedding ceremony.

Catholic wedding ceremonies
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The bride doesn't have to wear a wedding gown if she can't afford to or doesn't want to. And they're strict with the time they allot to the couple for their wedding because wedding takes place quietly almost every day in a Catholic parish.

The Catholic Church is among the few churches that allow group weddings. What takes time in a Catholic wedding is the preparation for the wedding. They require the intending couple to take ample time in preparing for the wedding. To prepare for a Catholic wedding requires nothing less than a year because of some of the Christian Catholic wedding traditions imbibed in the Catholic rite of marriage that needs to be completed before a wedding can take place. But the wedding itself may take only a few minutes.

Catholic Wedding Ceremony Process

The wedding mass is really the main thing about a Catholic wedding ceremony.

Once guests are seated, the groom and his best man walk into the parish together. Followed by the bridesmaids and groomsmen. And when everyone is seated, music starts to play as the bride and her father walks in.

An opening prayer is then offered.

Then it's liturgy of the word (wedding bible readings) and the priest delivers homily (sermon), followed by the wedding vows. The couple either read their own vows or recite the traditional wedding vows. Afterwards rings are exchanged and then the offer of nuptial blessing.

The ceremony is concluded after a final blessing is offered. Then everyone is dismissed. But the couple walks out first before everyone else.

Catholic wedding ceremonies is likely to be slightly different from one parish to another. And also adjustment can be made depending on what the couple wants.

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