Cheap Wedding Decorations - Ideas for Wedding Decorations On A Budget

If you want to cut cost on your wedding, then it's wise to go for cheap wedding decorations.

If you want to hire a wedding decor to decorate the halls or venues for your wedding then you're looking at at least additional several tens of thousands of naira to your wedding cost.

In this article I want to share with you ideas for wedding decorations on a budget.

Cheap Wedding Decorations Ideas

Usually when average Nigerians are getting married they don't hire a wedding decor, they just buy the decoration accessories they want to use and give them to family and friends to use to decorate the cars that will take them to the wedding ceremonies and the wedding venues. And that's a good idea. Decide how you want to decorate, what and what you'll need for the decoration and get family and friends to work.

It's good to have a clear idea of how you want the place to look and make those who will decorate the place understand what you want so that they can work together to achieve what you want for you. And it makes them work faster too when they all understand the look they want to create.

Know if you're going for an inexpensive wedding decor before deciding on a wedding venue. It helps you to pick out a cheap but beautiful venue for your wedding. A place you wouldn't need to do much to make beautiful. If money really isn't a problem, there are halls you can use that are already beautiful enough to get married in without needing any decor. Many churches these days look good enough to get married in without any decoration. Usually your decoration concern is the venue for the wedding reception.

For decorations, little is always more especially for cheap wedding decorations. Keep decorations as simple as possible. Depending on the hall you're renting for use, you may be lucky to already have decorations in place. But if that's not the case with just a few decoration accessories, you can create a very romantic look for your wedding reception.

For example with some potted plants you can easily create a garden atmosphere whether you're using a hall or having an outside wedding reception.

To get a grand but simple look buy a lot of tulle. A tulle is a soft, fine silk, cotton, or nylon material like net, used for making veils and dresses. Use some of the tulle to create a canopy effect. To create a canopy effect you have to start from the center of the ceiling if it's a hall or it can even be attached to trees to create that effect depending on the venue you're using. There are different ways you can do this.

To complement the effect you already created with the tulle, you can then use some of the tulle to make bows on the back of the chairs.

DIY wedding decorations - tulle and potted plants

DIY wedding decorations - tulle canopy and bows on chairs

DIY wedding decorations - tulle canopy and lightings

If you're having an outdoor reception, just throwing some flower petals on the aisle can add that romance feel to your venue. You can even use the flower petals to create a pattern on the aisle.

DIY wedding decorations - flower petals on aisle

If you're using a hall then consider lightening up the place with Christmas lights or twinkle lights. Our wedding receptions are usually afternoons but if for some reason you're having your reception in the evening then other options available to you to light up your wedding are torch, candles, lanterns and luminaries.

An inexpensive wedding decor can have as much effect if not more as an expensive wedding decor. Sometimes the difference between a dull wedding venue and a grand one is in how strategically you place simple things.

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