Nigeria Christian Wedding Traditions And Requirements

Christian wedding traditions is about the dos and don'ts and requirements of the different churches for weddings and marriages of those attending such churches and those marrying members from of churches.

Just like traditions differ from one place to another so it is with church marriage traditions. However, most churches have similar wedding traditions.

Churches and their Wedding Traditions

  • When a member is getting married they inform the pastor of the church and they are counseled and asked to pray over it.

  • Then there is the compulsory marriage counseling which is supposed to educate the couples on marriage and how to have a successful one. Couples are also mandated to go through a medical examination to ensure they are compatible medically before the wedding day. They especially must have a genotype and blood group tests done including the common HIV test. And when they have been confirmed compatible medically, the wedding arrangements starts.

  • Some churches don't officiate over a wedding if the bride is pregnant whereas some do. But for some of the ones that do officiate, there will be no solemnization instead the couples will have what they call blessing of marriage. Solemnization for these churches means the joining of two people who have not known themselves carnally. So when the bride is pregnant that's already been defeated. And when they do the blessing of marriage the bride doesn't wear a white dress and does not cover her face.

  • Generally churches expect the couple to legalize their marriage before the wedding day. That is if you chose to have a church wedding instead of a court wedding, you must have gone to the court prior to your wedding day and sign the legal papers.

  • Usually couples don't have to pay any money to have a pastor officiate their wedding except pay for anything needed to have the church ready for the wedding such as decoration (if necessary) and fuel for the generator. However in some churches the couples have to pay some fees such as dues to the youth of the church.

  • Some churches don't wed a couple with a ring; churches such as Redeem, Deeper life and Mountain on fire. They wed instead with the Bible.

  • And some churches now don't say for "better for worse" instead they'll say for "better for good".

  • Some denominations don't allow their members to marry from outside the denomination. I think this applies to the Redeem, Deep life and the Jehovah's witnesses. For the Jehovah's witnesses it's simply about following the bible's guideline found at 1 Corinthians 7:39. The second part that says "But if her husband should fall asleep in death, she is free to be married to whom she wants, only in the Lord". However Jehovah's witnesses members who go out of the denomination to wed are not denied of continuous association. Only don't expect the families of the Jehovah witness member to celebrate with you if you're marrying their daughter or son and you're not one of Jehovah's witnesses.

Catholic wedding traditions are quite different from other Christian wedding traditions so I discussed that in the article Catholic Christian wedding traditions.

If you have any church wedding traditions to add, please reach me with it and I'll be glad to include it here.

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