Cinderella Wedding Theme - Fairytale Themed Wedding Ideas

Want to have a fairytale wedding? Looking for ideas for a Cinderella wedding theme? That's exactly what you'll find in this article.

The Cinderella wedding theme may be a little difficult to create here in Nigeria because of the horse drawn carriage which is a must in a fairytale wedding theme. We don't have good roads for such transportation so I doubt you'll be able to find any of such carriage to use here; except you do a destination wedding, travel out to have your wedding.

But if you really that cinderella touch and you want to have it here in Nigeria, a very creative wedding planner can find a way around that I'm sure. So let's look at what to expect in a Cinderella wedding theme. But first, why a Cinderella theme?

Why a Cinderella Wedding?

Disney cinderella

You know the Cinderella story don't you?

A young girl with a wicked step mum and two poorly behaved step sisters that eventually got prince charming at the end.

Do you feel like your wedding is a dream come true? All weddings are of course but is there a particular reason you feel the Cinderella theme applies to your wedding?

For me I feel the Cinderella theme is too extravagant; bride with big hair, lavished ball gown, horse carriage and castle. But if you can afford it and you feel it fits the story you want your wedding to tell, then that's fine.

Cinderella Themed Wedding Ideas


Blue, pink, silver, white and purple. See amazing pink wedding cakes photos.


The bride has to use a color other than white; perhaps a light blue color. However most of the bride's who use the theme use white wedding gown. So you decide.

The bridesmaids color can either be a dark purple, blue or pink. See what makes an ugly bridesmaid dress and what makes a beautiful one.

Groom can use any suit color but preferably the groom should use a white tuxedo.

Accessories for Bride

Bride's hair should be in an elegant bun with a tiara and on a v shape necklace or pearls. See examples of bridal hairstyles including cinderella wedding updos.

Shoes should be glass slipper or a shoe embellished with crystal.


Anywhere can be used for the wedding and transformed to suit the theme. But to make things easier use a rented mansion or a private estate. That way you'll do little to nothing on decor.

Wedding decoration

Keep in mind the wedding decor should incorporate the color of the bridesmaid dress.


To keep up with the fairytale theme, a horse drawn carriage is a must. Abroad there are carriage rentals that offer Cinderella inspired carriages. You can also use a white or gold carriage or horse.

What says this is a Cinderella wedding?

The wedding colors choice, the bride's dress, hair, shoes, castle and carriage.

A Cinderella wedding theme is all about elegance starting with the wedding invitations. And the good thing about it is that almost everything about this wedding theme can be bought from the market, if not in Nigeria then can be ordered abroad online.

Bridal hairdo photo

cinderella wedding invitation

cinderella wedding invitation

cinderella wedding invitation

cinderella wedding invitation

cinderella cake
cinderella cake

cinderella table decoration

cinderella white carriage

Aside the cinderella wedding theme maybe you'll like to consider other wedding themes? Here's some wedding theme ideas - wedding theme colors and their combination.

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