DIY Wedding Ideas for the Most Affordable and Chic DIY Weddings

DIY wedding ideas simply mean ideas to help you DO It Yourself; that is plan your wedding yourself, be in charge of preparing and planning for everything about the wedding.

And in this article I give you ideas to help you plan the chicest wedding but still affordable.

I've talked a lot about inexpensive/cheap weddings. This article is not really about low budget weddings but about small budget wedding. It might not sound like there's a difference but there is. When I discussed inexpensive wedding ideas, cheap wedding plans and cheap wedding tips all articles focused on really cheap weddings where you'll have to depend a lot on getting help from family and friends in other to cut down your expenses. The article on inexpensive weddings even broke down how you can plan a wedding with a budget of N50, 000; and that's an interesting article by the way :)

But in this article I want to share ideas on affordable weddings. You're still on a small budget but not so small. It's small but it's reasonable. It can be worked with to get that chic wedding that you want. It doesn't mean you can't make a chic wedding on a really low budget, with some creativity of course you can. However in all those articles I didn't dare talk about chic even though it can be done. Now I want to talk about it where money is not as much a problem as it is with really low budget weddings.

The thing is if you want an affordable wedding, not really cheap but not expensive either, how do you plan it in a way that it is beautiful, romantic and memorable? In other words how do you plan a backyard wedding? A backyard wedding doesn't mean a wedding in your backyard, though it can be, but when used it means a wedding that is affordable and chic.

And that is what this article is about.

DIY Wedding Ideas

To plan an affordable chic wedding is simple. Start by deciding on what will make the wedding chic without breaking the bank of course; and focus on that.

For me like I've said before a chic wedding has to be that that is beautiful, romantic and memorable.


Your colors and decor has to be inviting. And it doesn't have to be expensive to be beautiful. See some ideas for cheap wedding decorations. And your dress design has to fit really well including that of your bridesmaids. Make it girly and a bit flirty if you want.


Romantic starts with your invitation I believe. Your toast in your wedding invitation, your wedding decor, your vows in your own words, kiss your groom when people expect you to and give a kiss that speaks of love don't be shy, pick songs to fit different sessions of the program, dance together to a love song appropriate for the day.

If you don't know how to dance, learn before the wedding day. Make your big day full of love and fun. Make people sitting down wish they were the ones up there getting married; the married to wish they could do it all over again and the singles praying for their day to come! That should be the feeling in the atmosphere.


Honestly to make a wedding chic in my opinion doesn't require money as much as it requires your ability to bring to live your own style. You make it unique then it's memorable.

For me in a larger sense making a wedding memorable is about focusing on those things that endures AFTER the wedding day. The marriage is the most important thing; the wedding is just what it is, wedding. That is why it doesn't matter how much you spend on the wedding; at the end of the day what's important is how well you're able to make your marriage work.

So what are those things that endure after the wedding day?

They are your wedding videos and pictures and the memories you create on your wedding day.

So for an affordable DIY wedding ideas I'll tell you whatever you do, don't leave your wedding pictures and video completely in the hands of family and friends. They can snap their own shots if they have cameras but do make arrangement for a professional photography and videographer. This is important because like I've said the wedding is a one day affair. When it's over it's over. But you do want to keep the memories of that day alive in pictures and in a video. Believe it or not those pictures and video recording could help you through some difficult times in your marriage. But more importantly it keeps you reminded of why you're married each time someone visits the family and you share it with them. It brings back the memories of that big day and that helps a lot; if you make it fun to remember.

Have a honeymoon. Even though it's just a one night you can afford in an affordable hotel, but do have a honeymoon. I know it's not our tradition here in Nigerian. Average Nigerians don't see the point in honeymooning but there is a point to it. Create those memories now that you have the time and make that bond even stronger before life hassles get at you. It's a good way to start your marriage and like I've said it's all about the marriage not the wedding. So instead of leaving honeymoon out with the excuse of no money, find something you can cut cost on and spare some cash for a honeymoon. For more about honeymoon including tips from a honeymoon vacation expert in Nigerian read the article titled honeymoon ideas.

Having a DIY wedding doesn't mean you can't employ the help of others. In fact it means you can! So do not DIY yourself to the extent that it ruins the big day. Imagine if because of planning till very late into your wedding day you wake up with swollen eyes and a stressed up face that looks terrible in your pictures; or you're so stressed that you can't wait for the day to be over. I can't say this enough, but you can never have a perfect wedding. So anything not planned for a day to your wedding forget it. Or get someone on it but don't personally handle anything strenuous a day to your wedding. You don't want to be remembering your wedding years from now and be remembering how you worked till late and woke up grumpy. What you can do is rest a lot and wake up on your wedding day looking as you should look, fresh and prepared to start the most memorable day of your life and enjoy every minute of it! And make sure every special moment of the day is professional captured in picture and video.

You just don't want to enjoy your day you want to enjoy it with all those in attendant. And it's a common knowledge that many of the people who attend weddings don't eat from home. So usually your guests are not attentive until they've been served. So someone suggested in an article I read somewhere that you should serve your guests appetizers before the wedding ceremony begins. But that's too early in my opinion. So instead I'll say after the wedding ceremony before the reception begins serve appetizers. It could be something to chew on and water or anything. But nothing solid else you'll have very few people in attendance by the time the reception program begins. In Nigerian weddings once people are well fed they start to immediately head out. So you don't want that and you don't want to keep them angry for too long either.

Finally, make it our own style; if anyone doesn't agree with you such as your mother or your mother in-law, stop asking for their opinion or telling them everything. Node your head to everything they say but do it your way anyway; because at the end of the day it's your big day and it's your memories to create. So create them exactly how you want to remember them.

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