Engagement Photo Poses Ideas - Tips For Memorable Pictures

Here you'll find tips for your engagement photo poses and some photos of nice poses you can copy or that can give you good engagement photo ideas.

I can just imagine a typical Nigerian attitude to this article's title; it will be like which one is engagement pictures poses again? Well I wondered about it too before. I mean what's engagement photo shoot about and does it even have any relevance to the wedding?

Yes it does. Engagement photos are the photos you use to officially present yourself to the world as a soon to-be couple. And if you choose to have photos in your wedding invitations and wedding favors aka wedding souvenirs then those photos are the photos that will be selected from to use.

In this article I'll share some engagement photo ideas to help you take memorable pictures that will add beauty, romance and love to your wedding and marriage.

engagement photo poses for souvenirs

Engagement photos can really add to your wedding if you do a theme engagement shoot. A theme engagement poses simply means that each of the photo poses will have a purpose/meaning. It will follow a theme; with a theme you can tell the journey of your love story through your pictures. How and where it started, the special moments you've had, a place, if any that means a lot to the both of you, what the two of you enjoy together and your unique style as a couple.

Sadly most of the engagement photos I've seen look very ordinary. Many are lively but doesn't look meaningful to me. It's possible they have a story behind them, but it just doesn't look it to me. Not even the engagement pictures of one of the most talked about Nigerian celebrity wedding, 2face and Annie Idibia, impressed me much.

2face idibia and annie macaulay engagement photo

2face idibia and annie macaulay engagement photo
2face idibia and annie macaulay engagement photo

But I do love the pictures because they're lively. Their smiles are captivating; it tells you they're in love and happy to be. And also if you notice they're both wearing the same color of shirts. That might mean something to them, you never know. You'll also notice that on the red shirt QUAD is written on it; at least that's the word I can see clearly from the shirt.

So overall their engagement photo poses is nice. But the pose I am most impressed with among all that I've seen online is the save the date pose.

engagement photo pose - save the date

It's obvious that it's a theme shoot. It's obvious that there's a meaning behind the date. It could be the date you met, the date you were proposed to or the date of your wedding; any date that mean the most to both of you. You can have a pose that saves the date in a photo. I thought that was a really nice idea.

Aside that pose follow the engagement photo tips I've shared and create your own engagement photo poses. Again, it could be a place that you both love, a place that holds a significant meaning to the two of you or a shoot of the two of you doing your favorite activity together. It's all about showing off your personalities. Letting people see the two of you in your elements.

Your engagement photos should be taken after you've picked your wedding date and started your wedding preparations.

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