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Find mate. Meet Nigerian singles, men and women, Christians and Muslims looking for the same thing as you, a marriage mate.

If you're not a Nigerian but you want to marry a Nigerian, we welcome you too. You'll find profiles of single Nigerians who have indicated interest in interracial marriage.

I offer a few services on this site to meet specific needs of my readers. But of all of them, offering men and women seeking marriage a place to connect is the most fulfilling for me because personally I can relate to the challenge of finding a compatible marriage mate. I feel very fulfilled each time I receive a testimonial from someone that has found a mate through the dating for marriage service on this site. And I have received a few of them. All touched my heart. However the one that first brought tears to my eyes is a testimonial from Ada Idoko, a lady who found her special someone within a month of creating a free profile on this site.

Dear Admin,
In appreciation I want to thank you for this lovely platform given to have expressed my desires and also meeting the desires of my heart.
May I use this medium to request that you kindly delete pictures and contact details on my profile as I am already hooked. I no longer wish to be contacted anymore and I am fully blessed to have began building my future with the man of my dream now.
I look forward to updating our DIARY with you and of course as we gracefully journey towards the future, we hope to have you honour our occasion for adding colours and beauties to our lives.
Thank you and God Bless you

Find mate - Meet Nigerian singles, men and women
The Dream

Update 2nd of September 2014:

I no longer accept profiles through this site and the forms to send in a profile on different pages of the site has been taken off because our free dating service for marriage minded singles have been upgraded and moved to its own website! You can now access our dating service at Our main reasons for the upgrade was to offer members privacy and complete control over their profiles. Visit now to set up your profile and find your ideal life partner.

The service is completely free. You just have to create a profile following the format I have provided and send it in. I'll review it, if it meets the requirements asked for, I'll publish it. If it doesn't, I'll delete it; which is why it's important to follow the guidelines I've provided for creating a profile to find mate on the site.

If you want the free marriage dating service to work for you, especially as fast as it has worked for Ada and a few others, read carefully the guidelines provided on the page where you'll create your profile and make sure to adhere to each one.

To get started, click any of the links below that applies to you.

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Single men looking for a wife create a profile to find women seeking marriage

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