First Time Sex In Marriage - Bride Shares How She Got Disvirgined On Her Wedding Night

by sophia sammy

All my life I had always been scared of sex so I abstained a lot from men though searching for Mr right. Finally Eric came knocking on my door at 26...I accepted his proposal and we exchanged vows 6 months later.

Our First Time Sex

After the whole wedding celebration, we drove to the hotel. Just as we entered the hotel room, he held me from behind and kissed me passionately, I responded though very shy...Before our wedding we were not really intimate because he was a spiritual and public figure...After we kissed for like 10 minutes, he started undressing me, now I was shaking, fear of the unknown was written all over me, then he stopped "lets go shower hun" he said, I bluntly objected..."after you" came my response.

He entered the bathroom showered for about 5 minutes he was out, "your turn" he said. I entered the bathroom lost in thought, I have heard so many stories on how painful first sex was, at a point I decided to face my fate.

I joined him on bed, though not too close, "wow nice night gown" he said, then he crawled closer to me and started cuddling me, at this point I wasn't responding, my heart was beating faster...he stopped, looked passionately at me and asked if he should stop, I was mute.
Then he said "baby I know it's your first time but am going to be gentle with you". I didn't want to deny him what was rightfully his so I asked him to put off the light, he did.

The room was kinda dark except for the t.v that showed a dim light, he kissed and romanced me for about 50 minutes then at a point I felt a foreign object pushing gently inside of me...."it's time" I said to myself, he kept asking if I was okay as he went deeper, it was painful but not as painful as I thought, though I bled.

After he released, he cuddled me till I slept off.

We have a son now, and I must confess our sex life is really an interesting one.

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