Free Compatibility Report - Tips and Test Questions to Guide You in Creating a Marriage Compatibility Report You can Rely On

When you came looking for free compatibility report I guess you were hoping to find a free compatibility test, perhaps a zodiac compatibility test.

But what I have for you is even better; because while astrology signs compatibility is not at all reliable for judging marriage compatibility between two persons as I've proven in a previous article on compatible astrology signs using examples of real couples who though have incompatible astrology signs are happily married, the compatibility report from this article will surely be reliable.

So what's my marriage compatibility report for you about you and your intended?

I have none. What? Yeah, seriously I have none. I can't possibly ask you some irrelevant questions and then give you the impression that you're not compatible with your intended. Just as I can't suggest you use some form of science to know if you're compatible for marriage or not with your intended and make you lose what could have been the greatest marriage partner ever. There's just no science about human compatibility.

free compatibility report

So the best way I can help you that will really benefit you is to give you some tips and ask some relevant compatibility questions that will surely guide you in making your free compatibility report if you're honest with yourself; because really it's only You that can tell for sure how compatible you are with that man or that lady.

Tips and Questions for Creating your Free Compatibility Report

If you're taking the time to find out if you're compatible with him or her that must mean you love him or her or care enough about him or her to look into the future with him or her; right? That confirmed, let's start creating that report.

Find out if your feelings are on the same level

So the first on your compatibility report should be to be sure your intended honestly love you too. Does he or she honestly love you? Or feels pity for you for some reason because that's possible too. Or he or she is probably with you for some personal gains? It is said that love bears all things. When there's true love between two people there's hardly anything they can't overcome. And honestly there will be a lot of challenges in marriage to overcome. So I ask again is your feelings and this other person's feeling on the same level?

Some people are not good at expressing their feelings. So that someone tells you regularly or not that they love you isn't a reliable way to tell if that's true. The reliable way to determine if the other person feels the same way you do is to judge by their actions toward you. Does he or she willingly run to you when you need him or her? Is he or she thoughtful towards your needs or too self centered? Is he or she supportive towards your dreams? Does he or she listen when you talk or always talk over you and act like what you're saying is not important?

You don't have to be told if you're loved or not; as they say actions often speaks much louder than voice. So be honest with yourself and analyze your man or lady's actions regarding you to confirm if there's true love or not. For more help in this area, see the article signs he loves you

Find out the person's intentions towards your relationship

Has this person showed any interest in taking things to the next level with you? Have you ever talked about spending the rest of your life together or speak in such a way about your future that it gives you hope to expect him to propose someday or her to accept your proposal?

If what you want is marriage, then make sure the person you're dating also wants the same thing; more importantly wants it with you. Don't assume. If you'd just met someone new, make it clear from the beginning that what you want is not some fling or even a boyfriend or girlfriend, rather you want courtship, someone already thinking of marriage and wants to court you to see if you fit together. And as usual be honest with yourself; don't hold on to something that is heading nowhere if you really wish to settle down soon. Instead use the time you would have wasted in that relationship to broaden out and find someone you like that wants the same thing as you do. For more help in this area, see the article when to get married - Is your relationship ready?

If your Genotype is As confirm Genotype compatibility

I have recently written about Genetic compatibility. You'll do well to read it. If you're not yet sure of your Genotype you must go to a nearby hospital and do a Genotype and Blood group test. And make sure before getting too serious with that special someone you already confirmed that your Genes and theirs are compatible for marriage; especially your Genotype. You don't want to bring a child to this world that has the sickle cell disease.

Any violent trait?

Domestic violence is very common especially towards women. And often these traits at one time or the other has been displayed while dating but it was pushed aside.

A man that hits you once will hit you again, don't be deceived. Perhaps he has never hit you but kind of supports or not completely against women violence in discussions? You want to beware. Marriage is a serious affair it's not a relationship you can easily work out of if things turn sour. And remember, the decisions you make now will affect your future children. Children who grow up in a violent environment are often marked somehow for the rest of their lives.

And if you're the guy, watch out for that woman who finds every opportunity to break things. I know of a couple that claims to love each other so much, but then they have regular fights and when they do, afterwards a few things will have to be replaced in the house because the woman broke them during the arguments. A woman you want for a wife should be the one that helps you manage your resources not run down your bank account because she has the terrible habit of breaking things whenever there's a serious misunderstanding. For more help in this area, see the articles, signs of an abusive relationship and signs of abusive boyfriend.

A Friend or Foe?

There cannot be love if there is no friendship. But sadly many get things wrong. A close friend of mine was in a relationship for 8 years, yet, she and her boyfriend weren't friends. You know what I mean right? They claim to love each other but can't be alone for 30 minutes without having one quarrel or the other and usually they quarrel over silly things. The day they spent a few hours with me I couldn't stand them. They were either quarreling over a text message one of them got or remembering a guy in the past the girl fell for. It was crazy especially when the lady admitted to me that they weren't friends; that they hardly are able to spend few hours together talking and laughing without fighting over something. But they love each other? The guy finds every opportunity to run her down, call her names and for some reason they can't seem to leave each other (finally they've broken up for real, thank God).

A love relationship should be pleasant. When there's a quarrel it should be over reasonable things; things that help you somehow know the other person better.

And when there is a quarrel how is it handled? Do you two discuss it amiably as grown ups? That's what two good mature friends will do. The main reason for marriage as I see it is for companionship, someone to share good and bad times with, someone that recognizes your strength and weaknesses and aims to bring out the best in you and you her or him. Be careful a broken heart from a relationship is better than a broken heart from a marriage. And a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage.

You Know Best

I just discussed the important areas which I employ you to pay attention to. But ultimately to create an effective compatibility report you must consider other things too that you want that are non-negotiable for you. You know how he or she behaves and areas he or she falls short. So rate this person using this article on free compatibility report as a guide. How does he or she rate good vs. bad? Yes, take a sheet of paper draw a column and compare. The areas this person falls short how important is it to you?

Finally while you assess this person for compatibility keep in mind nobody is perfect. Be careful you're not asking for too much. And remember to whom much is asked much should be given. Before deciding the next person is not good or fails in a character trait important to you ask yourself if you somehow contribute to the problem. Yes, it's difficult to look at ourselves sometimes, but you have to. Perhaps there are some adjustments you can make yourself that can help improve on this person's character? The point is be reasonable when making a compatibility report. For more help, see the article should i get married? Am I ready?

Finally see the article marriage compatibility test for more on free compatibility report.

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