Honeymoon Ideas - Why the Honeymoon Phase is a Perfect Time to Get Away and Romantic Ideas for Honeymoon

Looking for honeymoon ideas? You're reading the right article!

But before I share ideas for honeymoon there's a question I must first answer.

Someone in the nairaland forum posted:

There are so much fuss about Honeymoon; taking some days, weeks or months off; going to resorts, hotels or traveling outside the country, all in the name of Honeymoon. My question is what is the purpose of honeymoon? Is it worth it or rather is it vital to marriage?

Why did I say I must first answer that question before we can move on? It's because the average Nigerian doesn't give a damn about honeymooning. Here is the typical reaction of a Nigerian to honeymoon.

Honeymoon kor Sugarsun nii

In other words, not just honeymoon what about Sugarsun? That's basically ridiculing the idea of honeymoon.

*Court wedding
*Church (white) wedding
*Traditional wedding
*Wedding reception and now
Una no get wetin una wan use money do?

In other words, don't you people have things to use money for?

Honey wetin? That's for people who have no jobs!

In other words, honeymoon what? That's for people who have no jobs!

It's easy to conclude that the reason people react like this is because they can't afford honeymoon. But that's not true since most of the Nigerian couples who are well paid still don't have honeymoon after their wedding.

But why is this so?

It's simply because honeymoon has never been our (Nigerian) thing. First the big part of our wedding today which we call the "white wedding" in Nigeria (where the bride wears a white gown) is a borrowed culture. When you borrow a culture you tend to not see the importance of some part of the culture. Like in the average Nigerian white wedding, there's nothing like something new, something old and something borrowed which is something a foreign bride usually does. Also wedding rehearsals for the average Nigerian, are you kidding me? That's asking for too much!

Honeymoon to most of us is like that too. The only time we hear of Nigerians going for is when the elite class get married. Those class of Nigerians have so much money that they often find any excuse just to spend money. So they do everything about the white wedding culture.

I support that some things about the white wedding culture are really irrelevant and we don't need them. But the honeymoon is something I believe we do need.

Now to answer the question above, is it worth it to have a honeymoon?

Oh yes!

Is it vital to your marriage?



It's worth it because if for nothing it's the only thing about the wedding that is just for the two of you alone. It's a gift to yourself and you need that in the new life you're starting. Usually we're always busy. There are Nigerians who work 8 hours or more a day for 7 days a week. And finally during your wedding you get a small break. It's reasonable to enjoy this break with your wife after all the stress of the wedding. Get away, enjoy yourself like you just found each other and solidify the bond between you before the regular hassles of life can interfere with that.

Couple on honeymoon

Marriage is not always a sweet ride. There will be days you wish you were not married. And that's almost a natural feeling. But having a strong bond, building sweet memories before those tough days will give you something to think about when you feel like quitting. It will keep you reminded why you married that person in the first place.

It's common to hear among Nigerians that they want to first enjoy their wives before starting a family because they believe that once they start a family things will change, their wife will no longer give them same attention they used to. But yet they don't feel it's necessary to scoop their wife away for a few days to enjoy themselves? That's ironic.

When a couple starts a family, it's not like the wife intentionally changes towards her husband and shift her attention, it's just that there's one more person or more the wife now has to think of. And these persons can't fend for themselves yet they need all her attention. So it becomes a struggle to give her husband same attention she used to.

However couples need to always build that bond between them to keep them stronger for challenges to come, because challenges will come trust me; no marriage is a smooth ride. So every now and then it's important to find the time for just the two of you, away from the regular hassles, no kids and no distractions. Just after the wedding is a good time to start this because you'll likely have a few days break from work and then anniversaries; if it falls on a weekend when you won't be working. Try and get away from it all and have the opportunity of enjoying life just with your hubby or wife. Marriage is not just to have and raise kids you know. The intimacy between couples is a gift from God which is why God admonishes couples not to deny each other of themselves. See bible verses about marriage.

But How do I cover the extra Cost of Honeymoon?

Having a honeymoon is not so expensive it's a matter of adding it to your budget and gradually save for it. For example a bride and groom to be can add honeymoon to their wedding budget and make sure that whatever they do they have something left for honeymoon because honeymoon is actually part of the white wedding culture; it's not an afterthought. And a married couple could start thinking and planning for how to spend their next wedding anniversary a year to the time.

Have you been thinking that you would like to go somewhere, just get away with your husband? Budget for it a year to the time. If today was your anniversary, tomorrow decide on the amount to start putting aside for a honeymoon for your next anniversary. It's not just during the wedding that you should plan for a honeymoon. Make it a regular part of your life to get away every now and then with your partner and you'll see that over time you'll build a bond that can hardly be broken.

Because I know you'll likely have a lot of questions now like where can you honeymoon, how much can you can expect to spend and so on, I brought in a Nigerian travel expert who offers honeymoon services to answer those questions for you.

Go to hot honeymoon ideas to read my interview with Nigeria honeymoon travel consultant; Mr. Efetobo Awhana.

And then if you're already married perhaps you'll like to share the memories of your honeymoon night with us, I mean your wedding night memories. It will be fun :)

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