Hot Honeymoon Night - How to Have a Memorable Wedding Night Sex and Continue to Enjoy Sex together in your Marriage whether or not you're a Virgin

This article shares some ideas on having a hot honeymoon night. You know, the wedding night to remember. One thing many look forward to on the wedding night or are scared about is the wedding night sex.

hot honeymoon night tips

The wedding night sex is special and virgins and non virgin couples are always concerned about how to make the night special and unforgettable. Virgins being their first time are always worried whether or not they will live up to the expectations of their spouse; what to do to arouse their spouse and give their best without looking like a dummy. Non virgin couples concern is that since they've been having sex before with their partner what can they now do differently to make the wedding night love making seem like a first.

These are genuine concerns and very understandable too. But I'm not here to tell you how to make sizzling love to your spouse because I wouldn't know :). But I sure can guide you so that you can figure it out for yourself before the wedding night in other to have that hot honeymoon night you want.

If you're a Christian bride or groom-to-be and feeling a bit guilty for looking into tips for a wonderful sex with your soon to be spouse, don't be. God who instituted marriage gave sex as a gift to married couples. And he celebrates it as something wonderful. See bible verses about marriage.

Hot Honeymoon Night Tips

Find out What Works for your Partner

People are different. And it's for this simple fact that I know that telling you to create a romantic scene for your spouse with flowers and candles, wear the best lingerie, put on some cool music and so on is not necessarily the best advice I can give you. Why? Because that will work for some, even many people but not necessarily for everyone. So the first advice on having a hot honeymoon night is to have the wedding night sex talk with your spouse before the wedding day. This allows you to know how to prepare for the night.

For some people talking about sex is like a taboo but guess what? It's not; especially not at the stage you are, about getting married. Sex is a gift from God to married couples, so if there's any time to feel comfortable talking about sex and if there's anyone more appropriate to talk about it with it's your partner. So as you're planning your wedding, talk about what you both expect the night to be like and this is whether or not you're a virgin.

If you're the bride and you're a virgin but marrying a guy who is a bit experienced it can be intimidating. But you can turn things around just by talking about it. Find out how best he loves making love. What turns him on the most what irritates him and what he loves a woman to do to him to enjoy sex. If you're both virgins, then it may not be so clear to you both yet what you'll like and wouldn't. But still, find out what your partner expects when he thinks about sex. You need to know where his head is at and share where your head is at too.

Usually for virgins to know how they'd enjoy sex, they need to just explore. Yes explore. I remember when one of my sisters was about getting married. She was marrying a bit late and marrying as a virgin. Like every bride especially virgin brides she was concerned about the wedding night, how to please her husband in bed. She tried to get some information before-hand. She asked my cousin who had some experience with sex what is the most sensitive part for men; that is where on a man's body can you touch to arouse him or that he will like.

While I support hundred percent educating yourself before your wedding night, you shouldn't be educating yourself about men but about your spouse, else you're wasting your time. I can tell because my cousin told her that men like/get arouse when you touch the hair on their legs. I was like what? That may work for some men but all men? Definitely not. So I jumped in and told my sister same thing I am telling you now, just explore your partner's body.

Don't be so concerned about where to touch him that will arouse him, instead kiss him, play with him, enjoy the moment, follow your feelings and urges and touch him anywhere that comes natural to you. As you do this, pay attention to his reactions. Did he moan when you touched a certain part of him? If he did, do more of that while you keep exploring! Touch him anywhere and everywhere before the night ends trust me you'll figure out all his sensitive parts and dominate those areas. This applies too to a groom trying to figure out how to have a memorable sex with his virgin bride. For more help see the article on having a good first-time sex.

For brides and grooms who've explored themselves already before the wedding can they still make the night special? Of course they can. Actually you can make it so perfect that it seems you've never had sex together before. But it all still comes down to communicating with your partner before the wedding day. Does he have a fantasy? Something he's always wished you could do with him? If it's not so uncomfortable for you perhaps you could make his fantasy a reality on the wedding night? Same if you're the groom. By changing environment, adding more sexual teasing to the whole process and trying new things can make sex with an old partner seem new.

Prepare for the Wedding Night

To have a hot honeymoon night, you have to prepare well. Where are you having the wedding reception? Where will you go from there, is it to a hotel or the groom's apartment? If it's to a hotel make sure you have the clothes you need to change out of your wedding outfit. I doubt there's a man who wouldn't like to see his woman in something really sexy. So pack up some new sexually teasing lingerie. Create the scene most seductive to your spouse. Does he love cool music? Plan for some cool music to play on the wedding night. Get some nice scents for the room and make sure your wedding day doesn't fall on the same day you're menstruating!

It's not compulsory to have sex on your wedding night but God! You sure don't want to make the groom wait for one, two, three days or how many days it takes for your menses to dry up. Moreover can you imagine anything more irritating than a menstruating bride? It kills the whole night. Even though you don't have sex on your wedding night, let it not be because you're on your period. So before picking your wedding date, consider the date your period is likely to fall on for the month of your wedding.

And virgin bride, be more concerned about the joy of being together with your husband, becoming a woman finally with the man you love and not the supposed pain that comes with being disvirgined. Relax your mind. There likely will be some pain but if you don't build up some tension before the wedding over being disvirgined, there surely will be some pleasure too; a lot maybe :)

And please, make arrangement before-hand for what to eat on your wedding night. Make sure something is set aside for you and the groom so you don't have to start stressing yourself over what to eat. And make some snacks available too, trust me it's going to be a long night and you'll likely get hungry before the night runs out.

Take your Time

Relax, there's no rush. You're married; you have all the time in the world to have sex. And you definitely don't want to rush through your wedding night sex, you want to make it as lasting as it can be.

When the wedding is over and you're back to your apartment or the hotel, kick the night off by having a cool bath together. Then both of you should dress up in your lingerie, put on some cool music; if you both love cool music and relax in each other's arms on the bed or on the floor; where ever seem more comfortable and just reminisce about your journey to where you are now and the new life you're looking forward to. Likely that will lead to the big event for the night or to a well deserved rest; sleep.

Communicate through Sex

If you want to have a hot honeymoon night and continue to have more hot nights then master the act of communicating during and after love making. And do this with and without words. If your man is exploring you, give him some sort of sign when you're enjoying what he's doing to you and encourage him to continue. Moaning is one common way to tell your man without words that you're feeling and loving what he's doing to you.

And if you're like one of my girlfriends that thought that moaning during sex will make your man see you as a spoilt girl, I'll tell you today that the odds of him seeing you as a spoilt girl because you moan during sex is much lesser than the odds of him finding you boring in bed because he's frustrated. You never show any sign of excitement or non excitement during sex. I'm almost sure this is part of the reason there's no foreplay with many couples, because one or the other feels like why bother? He or she doesn't care anyway. But perhaps you do care but because you just don't show it, you're confused as not caring and sex becomes solely the act of getting inside the woman and getting out; and sex is much more than that.

And if you're making love and not feeling what you're partner is doing, don't be shy to quietly admit it by guiding his hands to where you'd rather have it. After the love making, tell him what worked for you most of everything he did with you and what didn't. Also ask him what he enjoyed about your love making. And when he gives you that information put it to good use the next time. And continue to improve on taking each other to the highest height of pleasure when making love.

Put these tips to use and you not only would have a hot honeymoon night but a great sex life where you have sex to enjoy each other and not just to release tension and/or have babies.

Are you already married? Why not share your wedding night memories with us. There's likely tips and/or lessons for brides and grooms to learn from your own wedding night sex.

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