How To Plan A Wedding With N500,000 For Guests Of 350 Successfully

by Daniel

How do I plan a wedding successfully with a budget of N500,000 with a guest of about 350 people.

Karo Itoje's reply (Admin)

I like to be optimistic. And when it comes to wedding I insist that you can plan a wedding with any amount. I even detailed how to plan a wedding for N50,000 or less.

However we have to be realistic; N500, 000 for 350 guests? That's not being realistic. And I'll tell you why.

The wedding food is one of the most important things in a wedding and one of the things that eat a lot into a wedding budget. To cut wedding cost the first thing is to cut down on your guests list.

A close friend of mine is currently planning her wedding. And she's only inviting 50 person but budgeting for 100 since there will always be people who attend weddings without invitation. And for just that hundred people she's budgeted N350, 000. Even though it's going to be a simple wedding.

The traditional and white wedding is going to happen the same day which saves her from hosting her guests twice. A great way to cut cost.

So here's my advice...

Either you increase your budget or you cut down your guests list by at least 50%. But more if possible. The reason for this is because usually if you invite 350 people expect 50% more people. In your case that will be 700 people! If you cut it down by 50% that will be 150 which will mean budgeting for 350 people. A number I think is still much for a budget of N500, 000. But if 150 is the best you can do, then you can find other ways to cut cost.

Here are my suggestions to cut wedding cost:

First what kind of wedding does your fiancée want? Will she be willing to work with your budget? This is very important because she'll be doing most of the planning. So get her to level with you. Make her realize that your wedding is only the first step to the rest of your lives together. You both need to eat and likely start a family after the wedding. Once you can convince her, then she'll be the one to now persuade her parents to go easy with you and support you both, especially when drawing up the list of things you're to buy for the traditional wedding.

Ideas for cutting cost on your traditional wedding

Do your tradition and white wedding on the same day. This is usually stressful and not good for pictures because by the time you have the white wedding you both will already be sweating and looking stressed. So you may instead, have your traditional wedding on a different day but make it an indoor affair, just family and very close friends. No canopies, if possible. It should be a sitting room affair. This way you can greatly save on canopies, chairs and especially wedding food. Then for musical entertainment rent the instruments, have someone do a collection of music you want played on the traditional wedding on a CD and have a friend be in charge of playing the music.

If you don't have a big budget and you want to have a traditional and white wedding you must employ help from friends.

Another thing that eats money in a traditional wedding is the list from the bride's parents. So do like I've said, level with your girl and get on the same page. She needs to persuade her parents on your behalf. So that they can all look out for you when the family is creating the list.

Ideas for cutting cost on your White wedding

Negotiation skills can help a lot. Don't hire the first wedding vendor you talk to. Talk to three vendors for the same service and go with the one that charges lesser.

Hire one vendor per service you want done. For example my friend that I referred to above was first charged N150, 000 for her wedding photos, wedding photo album and video coverage for the whole wedding event (traditional and white wedding). Someone else then charged her 90k for everything which she felt was still too much. So she decided to break things down. She went to someone else who does just video coverage. And then another person who takes just photos. At the end of the day she's paying N35, 000 for what she was charged N150, 000 for.

Don't have your wedding during festive periods. Cost tends to be higher.

For wedding venue rent a place that comes with decoration, chairs and sound system if possible. You might be lucky to get it cheaper that way. But do also compare cost without decoration and chairs. It might also be cheaper. Like I said, when cutting cost, compare several options available to you before making a decision. It's very possible to get the same service for a far lesser price.

All the best.

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