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You're looking for marriage therefore you're here because you're not engaged but you want to be engaged soon.

Maybe you're looking for a marriage mate. Or you're a man sure that you've found the right woman and the right relationship and therefore seeking marriage proposal ideas. You could be looking for ideas to take your relationship to the next level, perhaps you're a lady and your boyfriend is taking forever to propose and you want help to hasten him up. Or you're here to find marriage compatibility help to decide if he/she is the One. Or maybe you're having some compatibility issues with the one you love; it could even be genetic compatibility you're worried about. Or maybe you're not one to follow traditions, so you refuse to accept that a woman's place is in her husband's home and his kitchen, so you're conflicted about getting married, after all, do we all have to?

Whichever applies to you, on this page, you'll find relevant articles that meet your needs.

Find a marriage mate

If you're single and searching for a marriage mate, I offer you a chance to meet your soul mate on this site. A few persons have taken advantage of the free marriage dating service I offer on the site, have now found the love of their lives and have gotten engaged.

Dear Admin am very grateful for helping me via this medium to find my soul mate. I must say God bless and keep you.
Moses B - lives in Kaduna State Nigeria
Hello admin, thanks so much for this page I really appreciate, more power to your elbow. Pls I want my profile account deleted on your dating site for singles ladies because I recently got engaged.
Temitope adeelu

And there's Loveth Johnson who contacted me also to delete her profile. And when I asked if she's met someone through the site she said:

Yes I have met someone who is very serious minded. I don't want any more contacts to avoid confusion or make him feel I am into games.

And there are a few more others.

Give the service a chance, we may just be able to find you the man or woman of your dreams. Click here to find a marriage mate.

Update 2nd of September 2014: I no longer accept profiles through this site and the forms to send in a profile on different pages of the site has been taken off because our free dating service for marriage minded singles have been upgraded and moved to its own website! You can now access our dating service at www.nigerianmarriageconnect.com. Our main reasons for the upgrade was to offer members privacy and complete control over their profiles. Visit nigerianmarriageconnect.com now to set up your profile and find your ideal life partner.

Propose marriage to Her

See the article on marriage proposal ideas for creative ways to keep your proposal tattooed in her heart for the rest of her life. That simply means make it unforgettable!

Marriage compatibility - Is He or She the One?

Marriage is not like going shoe shopping where you can return it if it doesn't fit. There's something someone once said that stuck with me. He said "life can be a bitch if you marry one". And that doesn't apply to women alone but to men too. And just in case you think it is, love isn't all that matters when choosing a life partner. To make a life time commitment with someone that will eventually involve the lives of other innocent people (your unborn children) your decision can't be limited to sentiments.

See the following articles for clarification and help on deciding on whom to marry:

Should I get married? Am I ready for marriage?

What marriage compatibility test can you rely on for a successful marriage?

Take your relationship to the next level - Whatever that will mean for you

There are some articles on the site on matters of love and relationship. These articles help you answer important questions such as does he love me? Is he the one or do I have to move on? I'm I playing my part in the relationship? I'm I realistic with my expectations from the relationship? Should I break up? How do I get over an ex? And so on.

The articles on love and relationship are usually targeted to issues affecting single ladies in relationships. However men in relationships can benefit too from my free relationship advice service. For help with specific issue(s) and or challenge(s) you may be having in your relationship or starting a new relationship ask for relationship advice and I'll personally respond to it.

These articles and support helps you to grow as a person and your knowledge of true love and how to make a successful relationship so that you can improve yourself and your relationship. And when a man eventually proposes to you, neither him nor you will have any regrets later.

For all my love and relationship articles go to the relationship advice columns page.

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