Marriage Proposal Ideas - Romantic Ways To Propose and the Words to Say to Her

Thinking of proposing to your woman real soon? Need marriage proposal ideas? Well, first I say well done! You've found the one! That's beautiful.

Below I share romantic ways to propose, to express your love and get the woman of your dreams to say Yes to marrying you when you pop the question.

You can copy one of the ideas below or modify it if you want to make your proposal uniquely you.

Marriage Proposal Ideas - How to Propose

  • Make it more meaningful by proposing to her where you met or where you first saw her; if possible. Find an excuse to go back there with her and when you're there start your proposal by asking her if she remembered the day you met there. Start to tell her why you approached her or asked her out and after being in a relationship with her all this while why you're happy for the decision you made to ask her to be your girlfriend. And finally go on one knee and propose to her. Or if you'll be too nervous to say all that, say it in a letter, when you're there, hand her the letter, claim someone dropped it for her and excuse yourself. Don't go far, when you think she's done reading it and overwhelmed by emotion, come back and make your proposal.

  • Buy a ring and put it in a ring box then have it wrapped inside several bigger boxes. So as she opens one after the other her anticipation grows and her smile broadens. When she's opening the last big box get down on one knee. You can do this on one of the common gift given days.

  • Spell your proposal where she's not expecting to see it. Like taking off a page in newspaper or magazine she reads daily and writing your proposal there. But arrange it in a way that you'll be present when she gets to that page so that you'll be on one knee when she opens to that page.

  • Marriage proposal in a full page newspaper ad

  • Make it a bit of an adventure. Write out 10 reasons why you love her, each one in different piece of paper and scattered in different places of the house. And each one should include a clue where to find the next one. And at the last one you should be waiting with your proposal.

  • If she's the type that travels with airplanes, then on her arrival from one of her trips, be at the airport to receive her with family and friends each holding a sign of an alphabet from the words "will you marry me". Make sure you're the one with the sign "me". And all of you should line up together in a way that the words read clearly.

  • Propose in a restaurant. There are different ways to do this. You can talk to the waiter and have him put the ring in her drink (a bit risky) or write your proposal on a note and have the waiter give it to her after he serves her "madam someone asked me to give you this?" As she reads it, go on one knee and make your proposal.

  • Use rose petals to create a path to the proposal and the ring and use rose petals to write out your proposal. Invite her to your place, make sure she has her key or there's someone to open the door for her because you should be at the end of the path waiting for her. When she gets there likely with her hands on her mouth in surprise and joy, go on one knee and propose to her.

  • path with rose petals to a marriage proposal

    make path with rose petals to a marriage proposal

  • Plan a day out on the beach with her. And as you're having fun tell her you want to draw a picture and have her turn her back to you until you finish spelling out your proposal on the beach sand. But make sure you're far from where the water from the ocean can erase it before you have the time to make your proposal. Another idea is to make a sand castle and place the ring on top of it. Then invite her to admire your work.

  • Travel with her to one of her favorite countries. Have a tour plane take you for site seeing. And when she's most excited and appreciative of the beautiful city, and you're many thousands of feet off the ground make your proposal.

  • Make a short slide video using your pictures and words you want to say to her about your love and why you choose her for a life partner. Then take her to see a movie and make arrangement with the cinema staff in charge to play the video while you both seat to watch it; she expecting to see a real movie. Before you and her come in and they start the video, the staff could talk to the audience and bring them on board with the plan. It shouldn't take more than 5 minutes and they can continue with business as usual.

  • Or make a video as suggested above and upload it to Youtube. After uploading the video, call her and tell her there's a video on Youtube she must see. Better if she's with you when she checks it so you can go on your knee and ask her to marry you. After the proposal she'll be glad to share the video link with her family and friends.

  • Organize a party with close family and friends in attendance. Have each of them wear a letter of "will you marry me" and all of them should stand together so it reads clearly when you two walk in.

  • Create a webpage with your proposal. Write out the address for her and tell her you want her to visit it and tell you what she thinks. Make sure you're with her when she visits the site. This way she can have an address to share with her friends to check out her proposal when she's said Yes.

  • Is she good with solving puzzles? Create a puzzle with your proposal. For example "Anita will you marry me?" and ask her to solve it.

  • use cross word to proposal marriage

  • If she has her own office space at her work place go there early in the morning, have her colleague with spare key to her office open her office for you and spell your proposal on her desk and stay back while the colleague lock the door back. Immediately you hear her opening the door to come in, hide at the back of the door so she doesn't see you until she sees what's on her desk.

Marriage Proposal Ideas for couples living together

  • Does she use jewelry including a jewelry ring? Then replace her jewelry ring with your engagement ring. When she finds it in the morning and runs to you to confirm what she's seeing, go down on one knee and make your proposal.

  • Spell your proposal on your ceiling with glow-in-the-dark star stickers. So that when it's dark and she puts on the light she'll be taken by surprise with your proposal. Make sure you're not far away by then.

  • On the day you want to propose, take her out, spoil her all day like crazy, and finally when you bring her home after she has had her bath, give her a full body massage. But save her left hand for last and finish by slipping your ring in her finger and as she turns to look at it, go down on one knee.

  • While she's asleep slip an engagement ring in her finger. And when she wakes up be ready by her side with champagne and strawberries. A simple breakfast in bed can also do the trick.

Marriage Proposal tips

When choosing a marriage proposal idea factor in her likes and dislikes

For you to give a proposal that your woman will appreciate and talk about for the rest of her life and successfully surprise her you need to be familiar with her habits. What does she like and what does she dislike? What's her daily routine? You don't want to pull a proposal she'll be embarrassed about instead of to be happy. Does she like things quiet or loud? If you propose to a very shy person in public you're likely to get a slap or be screamed at than getting your wish.

What to say to her when you propose

There's the question of what to say to her too before you pop the question. There are a lot you can say. Think about the first time you met her, what attracted you to her? When did you realize you wanted to spend the rest of your life with her and why? Has she influenced you positively or inspired you in any way? How? What are you better for now because of her? Why do you think you're a perfect match? What goals and values do the two of you share?

There's a lot you can say to express how much you truly love her, why you're choosing her to be your life partner and to convince her that the two of you will have a good life together. There's no perfect life, so you can also mention that and assure her of your love even in the low moments that life is likely to bring you two later.

And I think it's necessary to say all these before the actual proposal. The actual proposal needs to be short. I mean when you're on one knee. Everything else should come before you go on one knee.

For example you can take her out to a nice place where you'll take the time to tell her how much she means to you but without the ring so you're not so nervous that you can't say all you have to say.

Then when your date is over you can go home and propose to her. Or you can say this in a letter she must have read before you get down on one knee to propose. You should not say more than a sentence of words before popping the question and it is simply because you'll be way too nervous to talk. For some proposal I have witnessed even the one sentence words they say wasn't coherent because of how nervous and overwhelmed with emotion they were.

I hope you found these marriage proposal ideas useful and I wish you the best with your marriage proposal.

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