Marriage Proposal Poems - Free Romantic Wedding Engagement Poems And Ideas For Proposing With A Poem

Marriage proposal poems or engagement poems when carefully chosen can evoke desirable intense emotion from a lover and add a memorable romantic feel to a marriage proposal.

Girls generally like a romantic a man. And though there are different ways a man can show he's romantic, the most touching is always when a man takes the time to express his deep feelings for a girl. And for centuries long poetry has been the most romantic form of expression.

So it's a good idea you're reading about wedding proposal poems because if you follow the tips below you're sure of having a memorable romantic wedding proposal whether you want to propose with a poem or just want to get ideas from marriage proposal poems to help you write out some romantic marriage proposal lines.

Tips for Choosing a Marriage Proposal Poem

To get your desired result proposing with a poem you have to do the following:

  • Make your poem clear and meaningful to the both of you. If I can't relate to what the poem is about then it's less likely I'll be impressed.

  • Keep it short and simple. Keep the words simple, easy to pronounce and understand. Simplicity always wins. Moreover when it's short you can read it by heart; otherwise you may have to write it down in a piece of paper and read it out which is likely to take away from the moment. Except of course you decide not to read your poem to her but to slip it to her somehow.

What's the Best Poem to Propose with?

I think the best poem will be that which you both can relate to especially the one she can relate to. And one that compliments your own words to her.

How do I get a Poem to Propose with?

On the web you can find free proposal poems you can copy and use or that can give you ideas on what to say to your girl when proposing. I've saved you some time as I've taken the time to source together about 15 different marriage proposal poems you can choose from and most of them short and simple!

Free Proposal Poems

My Sacred Vow

Will you marry me
Will you be mine
For life with you
Is ever so fine
Please take this ring
From my hand now
Accept this as
My sacred vow

My sacred vow to always be true
My love I want to marry you

My Greatest Dream

This ring is my promise
To always be true
This ring is my vow
To always love you
Forever with you
Is my greatest dream
So please say Yes
We will be a team

No, I can't keep this a secret no more
And no, since my heart has stopped conflicting
With doubtful thoughts
Lately in my prayers, everyday every night
I say two things to God
The two things I needed most in my life
That is you, that is love
For perhaps without you, I knew no love
Oh, and there's another thing I asked of God
Last night with such strong hopeful desire
So that He'll open your heart and say 'I do',
Right when I say 'will you marry me?'"
-Fara S a.k.a Ebazaar

To my sweet love of my life
Will you be my loving wife?
All I ever do is think of you
Without you I don't know what I'll do
I promise I'll be good to you forever
And leave you, I will never
If you love me and say yes
You won't be sorry, I'll give you my best
Life without you, I cannot stand
In marriage, will you give me your hand?
-By Anonymous

I've continued to wait
For someone honest and pure-hearted
That sees me as me
Accept me as who I am
I've always felt that if I live that way
One day that person would find me
And she has
And we have loved one another for some time
But I want more…
I want to love you a lifetime
Would you be my one and only
My only lifetime lover?
-By Freddie@Kakash, Jacksonville, Illinois USA

One greatest flaw of human beings
Is desiring what they couldn't have
But no, that's not always the case
I've always wanted wings, so that I could fly
To be right beside you when you needed me
But oh my! How am I misguided
It's not wings that I need
But a ring I should seek
For you,
To wear all your life
As a symbol that you're always mine
And so I am yours all the time
-By Murad Shah

Stuck in Glue

I never thought
I would feel this way.
I'd laugh and mock
At the words
The love songs say.
Now it's like I'm
Stuck in glue.
I can't do anything
But think of you.
Will you please be my wife
So I can get on with my life?


It took me awhile
But I finally asked you on a date.
The years have passed by,
And we have grown together.
I feel in my heart
That we are forever.
Each night that we are apart,
My heart is pierced with a burning dart.
Please tell me
That wonderful things last forever
By agreeing to be in my wife
For now and always.
Marry me.
-Poetry by Natasha Niemi

When I Was Young

I've always known that marriage was for me. When I was young, I'd dream the day away; I would imagine earnestly my wedding day.

But what a fuzzy picture- the guests I could not see nor make out any details of my bride to be.

Only my face was clear, and never could I say rightly who it was that stole my heart away- the dream remained that self-same shade of murky.

But then, by chance, one day I met you, and since then my dreams have taken shape.

My bride's filled in- her eyes of blue, her hair of black that frames her smiling face. I know now who my dream bride is- it's you. So as I fall beside you on one bended knee, please- make real now that bride that's in my dreams!

Not For Me

I've never wanted anyone to lay down next to me; I've laughed and pitied all my friends who marry merrily.

I've never loved a man nor wanted love returned. I've lived my life alone and glad never to be scorned.

But lately, something's changed. That empty home, so comforting has lately changed its feel- the silence is disquieting.

And when I lie in bed at night I find- I find I lie awake. The silken sheets, so smooth against my skin cannot smooth my inner ache.

It's true, I can't deny it- this girl here, whose heart she locked away, has lost it to a man piece by piece and day by day. So I give up- the towel's been thrown, and here I am to ask you: Will you be mine and mine alone husband and wife, in love and truth?

Grow old with me.
The best is yet to be!
-Robert Browning

Four words, fourteen letters, that take forever to say.
They're stuck inside of me, they try and stay away.
This is too important to let them have their way.
I need to do it now, I must do it today.
Will you marry me?
-Unknown Author

What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined together to strengthen each other in all labor, to minister to each other in all sorrow, to share with each other in all gladness, to be one with each other in the silent unspoken memories?
-George Eliot

We've been together
For endless days
We know each others
Habitual ways
We've seen the worst
Enjoyed the best
Now let's take love's
Ultimate test
Let's tie the knot
And have some fun
Let's show the world
That we are one
-Felicity Luckey.

Write your Own Poem

You can also write your own poem.

If you're ready to put in some time you can write your own poem yourself and the look on her face when she realizes every word came from your heart I'm sure will make the time and effort you put into writing your own poem worth it.

Tips for Writing a Proposal Poem

  • Go to Google and type in "how to write a poem" to get some tips on writing marriage proposal poems.

  • Use modern English. For example instead of 'thee' use 'you'. It makes it clearer and easier for the listener to understand.

  • And finally use the tips for choosing a proposal poem above.

How to Propose with a Poem

There are different ways to propose with a poem but I really love these two ideas below from

Create a scrapbook of special photos of happy memories together. Write the poem that proposes marriage on the last page of the scrapbook. Another variation is to write a few lines of the poem on each page of the scrapbook and conclude with the big question on the last page.

Burn a CD of special romantic songs and include a recitation of the poem. Listen to the CD together and surprise her with the proposal. After she listens to the proposal, get down on one knee and propose.

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