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Just got married?

Congratulations! I hope the wedding was exactly how you wanted it? There likely were a few hiccups but don't worry yourself about that now. No wedding gets by without it.

Now the wedding is over. And you're now the wife of the man you love! Focus on growing your bond and your love for each other and making your union successful. How can this site help you in this regard?

married help

When the excitement dies down, you're likely to realize that your life has taken a 360 degree turn. Now you have to play the role of a wife, take care of your husband, the house and deal with your in-laws. It can be scary. So here's some marriage advice for newlyweds. And if at any time it gets too much for you and you need to talk to someone, send in your marriage help questions. I'm surrounded by married couples who have dealt with different types of challenges in their marriages and still maintained a happy home. And they will be glad to answer any question I ask them about dealing with challenges in marriage. Or you may instead want to share marriage stories with us.

But that's not all this site can do for you. It can help you recoup a very small amount of your wedding cost. How about you sell your wedding dress! It's a win win. Many brides-to-be are looking for ways to cut wedding cost so they'll buy a used wedding dress. And you've spent so much on your wedding, that some money, any amount can be helpful.

There are more ways you can help brides to-be through this site. And they are, sharing with us your wedding cost and your wedding mistakes.

Oh, I left the fun part for last. You can prolong the honeymoon feeling by giving us the opportunity to share in your love. I and my readers will like to read your love story. How did you meet your husband? What about sharing some Nigerian wedding photos with us? I'm sure you looked very beautiful. It will be a shame if you keep pictures of your best look ever hiding inside a wedding album. Share it with the world! And inspire other brides with it. And finally if you don't mind, you can tell us also about your honeymoon and share your honeymoon pics with us.

If you're concerned about privacy at any time, we accept annoymous content too. But it will really make my day if you can give an annonymous submission a clear sign off or pen name.

Now that the wedding is over, the next logical step is becoming a mum. Kids are a gift from God and being a mum is one of the most fulfilling experiences you'll ever have. However starting a family brings up some issues of its own that can affect your marriage when not well handled. And you're likely to have questions about getting pregnant, choosing the sex of a baby and sex during pregnancy. We talk about all these in the article category starting a family.

Finally we have wedding anniversary ideas and wishes for spouse, parents and friends.

Take advantage of our marital help section to maintain and grow the love and joy you feel now in your marriage.

Happy married life.

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