Moses 36 Yrs Christian Based In Abuja Seeks A God-Fearing Woman For A Wife

by Moses

Name: Moses

Country of Origin: Nigeria

Date of birth: 21 August 1977

Height: 5ft 8 inches

Body weight: Average

Genotype: AA

What tribe are you? Mixed (Yoruba/Idoma)

Where do you live? Abuja

What's your religion? Christian

What are your qualities? Sincere and trustworthy, God fearing & humble.

What is your Education level? MSc

What is your Occupation? Urban Planner working with the Government

Have you been married before? Never

Do you have any children? No

Do you want children?

Interested in interracial marriage? Yes

What kind of wife are you looking for?

Seeking for a God fearing Christian lady who loves the Lord wholeheartedly & believes in chastity and has waited patiently.

Additional comment: I have interest in Tennis, Scrabbles, Chess, Traveling

Mobile number: No longer wishes to be contacted.

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