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This section of the wedding forum is to create opportunity for mature muslim girls ready to settle down but yet to find Mr. right, Nigerians and Non-Nigerian muslim ladies who would like to marry Nigerian men, to create a free profile for the chance to meet compatible Nigerian men ready for marriage.

I'm offering this dating for marriage service only to give opportunity for compatible singles ready to settle down in marriage to find eachother. So if you're not looking for marriage yet, perhaps you're just looking to find a boyfriend, someone to date not someone to court, I'm sorry this isn't the place for you. Our singles are mature and serious about marriage.

Update 2nd of September 2014: I no longer accept profiles through this page and the form that was below to send in a profile has been taken off because our free dating service for marriage minded singles have been upgraded and moved to its own website! You can now access our dating service at Our main reasons for the upgrade was to offer members privacy and complete control over their profiles. Visit now to set up your profile and find your Mr. Right.

To create a profile here and have it approved you must be:

  • A single never married Christian lady. Or a legally divorced (not just separated) free to re-marry Christian lady.

  • Ready to settle down soon.
Single Muslim ladies

Note: If you're a single Christian lady please go to the single Christian girls page to create a profile.

I know how hard it usually is for single ladies to find the right man for them for marriage. It's either you're always meeting the wrong men for you, you don't have the time to socialize to meet people or you're limited by your religious faith. Either way, you're ready for marriage, the pressure on you is getting higher and you need to meet someone as soon as possible. Here we help you broaden the search and increase your chances of meeting single Muslim men who are compatible with you and ready to settle down in marriage. And we do this for free.

How to Use to Find a Muslim Husband

  • Create a profile using the form provided below.

  • Sign up to our newsletter after creating your profile (you'll find the form on the right column of the site) to be updated of new profiles of single men looking for a wife as they are created on the site.

  • Browse through the profiles of single men looking for a wife to see if there's anyone that seem compatible with you. If you find one, give the person's profile a rating, leave him a comment including your contact details to let him know you're interested in him. Or simply use his contact information to contact him directly. If you don't find someone right for you among the available profiles, don't worry, new profiles of men looking to find a mate are created regularly. And as long as you subscribe to the relevant newsletter, you'll be updated as they are created on the site. Plus we also send email updates of new single women's profiles created on the site to single men who have indicated interest. So it's only a matter of time and you'll find your soul mate.

How to Create a Profile

To create a profile, copy the information you'll see toward the end of this page into the form just below it and by the side of each question, type in your answers. Once you've answered all questions, click create a profile. I'll then review the profile to make sure it meets the requirement. And if it does, I'll publish it.

Once published your profile becomes a page of its own on this site. Single men looking to find a marriage mate visit this site regularly and browse through profiles of single ladies and yours will be there for the man of your dreams to find you.

Is there any reason the profile I send in wouldn't be published?

Yes. If you don't follow the format provided below. And if you do follow the format but leave some questions unanswered. You must follow the format. You must answer all questions for your profile to be published. All profiles that do not comply with this will be deleted.

How do I increase my chances of meeting someone soon?

  • Create your OWN profile so that it's always there for interested visitors to see. Don't limit yourself to just going through others profiles. If you do that then you risk losing a possible compatible mate who would have found your profile on the site. Some of those who created profiles on the site met their soulmate through the site within a few weeks and got engaged. That's the beauty of bring like-minds together. You're ready for marriage just as much as the other person is, so once you both think you're compatible for marriage things usually happen faster.

  • Answer all questions asked and more. It's better you say too much than say too little. Under additional comment you can say whatever you feel is important to you. Mention everything that makes you unique and everything you can't compromise on in a potentional marriage mate. When you present yourself as someone who clearly knows what she wants, it attracts mostly the right men to you and it helps you find your better half sooner than later.

  • Upload at least one photo of you. More if available. You have the option to upload up to 4 photos. Remember what they always say "men are moved by what they see". But of course you can decide against it if you're not comfortable doing so.

Format to follow for your profile to be approved

Copy the following into the form below and just add your answers to them. Please take note of the caution above if you don't want your submission to be deleted.


Country of Origin:

Date of birth:


Body weight (slim, average or fat):


What tribe are you?

Where do you live?


What is your education level?

What is your Occupation?

What are your qualities:

What are your hobbies:

Have you been married before?

Do you have any children? If Yes, how many?

Do you want children?

Interested in interracial marriage?

What kind of husband are you looking for? (Give as much details as possible)

Additional comment (if any):

Your Email and/or your mobile number:

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