Nigerian Babes - What Type Of Girls Are They?

"Nigerian babes" is a word usually used for Nigerian girls that are on the fast lane; young Nigerian women with well paying jobs/successful businesses and rich boyfriends; very classy young ladies. To date them you have to be well to do; and better if you're some high class society man.

Beautiful and sexy Nigerian babe

These ladies are all about money and showoff. That doesn't make them bad. Some of them work hard to be where they are. And when they're there, they like to maintain and even improve on their status. So usually they'd rather date someone that can help them maintain their status in the society and even improve on it.

Usually these ladies are not crazy about marriage or in a hurry to be married. And when they do marry, their husbands have to be well to do. And they will not sacrifice their positions just because they're married. They like to have it all; be a wife, a mother and still be someone to be recon with in the society. And frankly there's nothing wrong with that; if you can have it all, why not?

A beautiful, sexy Nigerian babe in Nigerian attire

Nigerian babes also include some of Nigerian University girls who do more of showoff in school than studying; dating popular guys, much older men and wearing the best latest clothes. They're always hot to handle and expensive to maintain. They often have no interest in a guy who can't buy them the latest clothes and gadgets. It doesn't mean these girls don't believe in love or don't love. It only means that they love money more than love or money mean a lot to them than love does. But if you have the money to spend they could love you; well, as long as your money lasts. :)

For the Nigerian University babes the slogan is "live your life while you're young and tell the story when you're old". They feel they're still in their prime so why not enjoy life as much as they can. And the best place to do that for young girls is away in school where there is little to no supervision from their parents.

Can these girls make good wives? Of course! As long as you can meet their needs or help them get to that enviable position that they want then you'll have no problem.

All Nigerian babes, aka "big babes" are not the same. While they're all very ambitious not all of them depend on a man to meet their needs. Some of them make their own money doing different legitimate businesses. And for such ones, you'll be lucky to have them because they're very hard-working and can inspire you. But they often associate with those who fit into their class. So if you're a "nobody" you likely wouldn't get their attention.

Nigerian babes can also be used to mean the average Nigerian girls. But often that's not the case.

If you'll like to marry the average Nigerian girl then go read more about Nigerian girls and where to find one that will make a good wife to marry.

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