Nigerian Men - What Kind Of Husbands Are They?

Nigerian men just like men all over the world come in different characters. There are the loving, caring, understanding, considerate, can't imagine beating my wife type of husbands. And there are the not so understanding, considerate and women needs to be thought a lesson sometimes type of husbands.

However if there are some things that can be said about typical Nigerian husbands generally (because a higher percentage of them are like that) it will be that:

a real Nigerian couple - Yoruba traditional wedding
  • They have pride
  • They are not romantic
  • They are not domestic

And all these are simply a result of the Nigerian traditions and conditions.

A man is the head of the house. Meaning he should be the provider. And Nigerian men take that seriously. That is why it is not seen in Nigeria that a man will choose to stay at home with the kids, a stay at home dad as it's seen in the western world and have the woman work and provide for the family. Their pride will not let them; and the traditions we've been accustomed to will not welcome it. It makes the man look weak and will not earn respect from anyone in the society. Some men will not even allow their wife to spend their own money to support the family because to them that will mean they've fail in their duty as a husband.

A husband in Nigeria is expected to be the bread winner and he usually is; except in unforeseen circumstances like when he suddenly loses his job and the financial expenses has to fall on his wife. If that happens usually a Nigerian man's pride becomes hurt and that's when you see a side of him you never knew was there; because a typical Nigerian man will not be happy seeing his wife take the financial responsibility of the family.

It's not that Nigerian men are not romantic in the real sense of the word but when it comes to things the westerners do out of love and romance such as going for honeymoon, vacation etc a Nigerian man will rather not; instead save the money for what he considers more important to his family such as paying for the children's school fees, making the family comfortable, buying a land and building a family house so they can finally move out of their rented apartment etc.

So because of the way our economy is, the fact that there is no support for people in general and no support for Nigerian families, everything we have as a family we have to earn ourselves; no mortgage or any related support systems. So being romantic, at least in the big way, is something an average Nigerian man can't afford.

A Nigerian man is not domestic. Don't expect him to go to the market and make dinner for the family or do any task seen as a task for a wife. He'll tell you that's why the wife is there. And that's the Nigerian man's custom. A man is to provide for the upkeep of his family then the wife is to manage what he provides. Domestic activities are tasks for the wife, at least traditionally it is. That's what the custom has dictate and because of that when people see a Nigerian man doing otherwise they easily conclude that he's not a man rather a woman, that the wife is the one in control of their home and not the man.

Of course there are some domestic men that live in cities and not their home towns and they make the effort to help their wives with the domestic activities. The thing is just don't expect it of them. If you're lucky to marry one who does, count yourself lucky and appreciate him for it every day without taking advantage of it.

Above everything else a Nigerian man likes to know he's in control. That he's the man of the house, the head and that he's given the respect he deserves.

Having said all that, one of the best men you can pick a husband from are the Nigerian men. They're hard-working, our economy has forced many of them to be and you can be rest assured that if they marry you for the right reasons they'll do their best to make sure you're taken care of. They can be very caring too. They may do only the little things but surely they'll be things that matters.

Now you know a lot about Nigerian men, you may approve of them or not. But keep in mind a successful marriage takes the effort of two people.

"Love is not just about finding a good partner it's also about being a good one."

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