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There's a lot of things to be said about the Nigerian people, many of them good. They may even inspire you when you get to know them better; which is the goal of this article.

Nigerians are strong, intelligent, ambitious and hard-working people. I sincerely believe that if Nigeria as a country had the essential resources in place that allows its citizens to explore their talents effectively as many western countries do, that they'll be unbeatable because even with little resources and very self centered leaders who claim to care about its citizens but hardly shows it, many of Nigerian people have continue to thrive on their own, getting well educated, starting successful businesses and building happy homes.

What to Expect from Nigerian People

Tough and strong: It is said that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and it's true for Nigeria people. The Country grows very slowly and lacks many essential resources; so many of its citizens are forced to deal with hard conditions. Bad roads, poor electricity, low job rate, zero support systems for the survival of its people, almost zero support for talents and so on. Yet many Nigerians still fight to be successful and many are; against all odds. So the country itself has forced the Nigerian person to be strong and there's hardly anything that a Nigerian will be faced with and not be able to survive. Things like depression and suicide are hardly heard of.

Welcoming and friendly: If there's anything everyone who has visited Nigeria agrees on is that Nigerians are very welcoming and friendly. They're not at all racist and don't discriminate. On the contrary, they're always thrilled when they are face to face with a foreigner aka "oyinbo" (white man) and they don't fail to show it.

Respectful: The Nigerian culture has much to say about respecting elders. We're brought up to respect those older than us. Children are expected to kneel, bow or even lie to the floor when greeting elders and they extend this to foreign visitors as well. They may not kneel and bow, but surely you'll see a friendly smile and hear a good wish from them.

Religious: Nigerians are very religious. One of the most religious countries I think. There are Christians and Muslims and most of them are very passionate about their faith. But still believe that we're all worshipping the same God. So it's common to see a Muslim taking part in Christmas celebrations and Christians wining and dining with Muslims during their celebrations. However when choosing a life partner the Christians and Muslims would rather stake with their kind though occasionally you find Christians marrying Muslims and Muslims marrying Christians.

Ambitious: All of us Nigerians are ambitious. But sadly many are ambitious but lazy. In their dreams they see themselves rich, living in the best houses, driving the best cars and living the life; so to speak. But when they wake up, they would find all the excuses not to pursue their dreams; the Government is not good, there's no support, no jobs etc. But those who are successful among them were also faced with same situations, so you begin to wonder.

But to be fair that's what you find around the world. People will find excuses when they're lazy and some will do whatever it takes to reach their dreams. That is why everyone can be rich but not everyone will.

Jealous and Dishonest: It may already be a common knowledge that the heart of a black person is darker than the heart of a white person. Blame it on the color or anything you want but that's how it is. Usually the whites are very open people. They're happy you know and they're not you know. But the black person often doesn't act so clearly. It's common to see people biting you and blowing breeze to where they're biting you at the same time (that's a parable actually that means that people backstab you while pretending to be your friend). So sometimes you can't figure out who is really your friend and who is not. It's for the same reason whites can openly talk about their wealth, family and even make it public knowledge immediately their wife gets pregnant. A black person especially Nigerian will be more cautious not to draw attention to themselves. It's just how it is.

Nigeria is one of the countries with the highest rate of corruption and it starts from the home up to the leaders. Some of its youth would rather come online and deceive foreigners for their own self gains because they are the ones who will give all the excuses that exist for not helping themselves. It's easy to understand really. When you're ambitious but refuse to take any steps to make the life you want a reality you're left with one option, lie, deceive and steal. Though this is common with the Nigerian people, it's not limited to them. All the countries across the world have some rate of corruption. So the Nigerian people should not be tag as a result because there are just too many hard-working Nigerians that it will be so unfair to crucify all of them just because they are from a country where many are corrupt.

Instead apply caution when dealing with people whether black or white especially when you can't see the person you're dealing with face to face. Usually when for no reason someone you're talking to starts to show too much interest in your financial level, or talk too much about money and not having it then that's likely a red flag.

I want to Marry a Nigerian

If you're a foreigner and would like to marry a Nigerian, I'll honestly say lucky you! They are very beautiful people and when you're able to find a Nigerian who wants to marry you for the right reasons then you're likely to grow old together because Nigerians are not usually quick to divorce, they're often patient and would do everything it takes to make their marriage work and give their family the best.

However not many Nigerian people like to marry foreigners simply because they feel kids born to a foreigner are basically lost since usually foreigners don't give them the free will to bring the children down to Nigeria whenever they like. However the ones who choose to marry a foreigner are often thrilled about it. For me I wouldn't mind since I've always loved mix bred kids, a little of white a little of black. They're always so beautiful!

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