Best Time Of The Year To Get Married - Have A Good Weather And Reduce Cost Plus Wedding Colors For Raining And Dry Season.

This is the second and concluding part of the article on seasons and weddings.

In the first part I looked at the natural events of the four seasons calendar (spring, summer, autumn/fall and winter) as is the case in some part of the world, how they affect a wedding positively and or negatively (to reduce wedding cost, have a great weather and beautiful decor) for your wedding and the wedding colors that complement each season.

In this final part of the article, I focus on Nigeria seasons calendar. How Nigerian climate seasons affect a Nigerian wedding in terms of wedding colors and decorations and wedding cost.

What is the best month/season to have a Wedding in Nigeria?

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Except you want to have a destination wedding or you're a Nigerian based abroad and want to have your wedding there, the only important reason you should be concerned about what month or season to get married in Nigeria is the climate change. When will it be most favorable for you to have your event, especially to avoid having your wedding on a day it will rain.

The main reasons (three reasons) countries with the four seasons calendar pay attention to what season to get married doesn't apply to Nigeria, not really anyway.

1. To take advantage of what Mother Nature provides to enhance their wedding decorations, wedding photos and complement Mother Nature's colors to achieve a general elegant look for the wedding. So they pay attention to what colors lend itself well to what season. In Nigeria we don't really have that. We're not into gardening and trees therefore there are no flowers and leaves springing up or drying off etc. Therefore there are no Mother Nature's colors to complement (except for a beach wedding when the climate changes and creates beautiful colors in the sky. However that's not something we can predict), which likely is part of the reasons beautiful outdoor weddings are not common in Nigeria; there are no greenery to make an outdoor wedding decoration look great.

2. Extreme weather changes like snow in winter and natural disasters like hurricane. Fortunately in Nigeria we don't have any of these. Often we're only concerned about whether it will rain. But hot is something we're used to. In fact on a day we're having an event we often pray we have a sunny day because when it rains on our bad roads it messes up any event a great deal as everywhere becomes moldy, if the reception is holding under canopies outside, the whole event is ruined, getting transportation from one place to another becomes difficult etc.

3. When many people will be available to attend. Summer is a time many schools are on break, and workers go on vacations.

In Nigeria aside the popular holiday breaks, like Christmas, Esther and the Muslim festive breaks, there's no other season in the year where everyone, workers and students, will be available. And as Nigerians living in Nigeria we don't even need to worry about when people will be available because we already know when; weekends! And that is why most Nigerian weddings are done on Saturdays. On Saturdays holiday or not, students and most office workers will be available, even some business owners close shops on Saturdays too.

The Nigeria Climate

Southern Nigeria

The long rainy season: This starts in March and lasts till the end of July, with a peak period in June over most parts of southern Nigeria.

The short dry season: This is experienced in August for 3-4 weeks. However, the real dry period known as "August break" is generally observed in the last two weeks of August.

The short rainy season: This brief wet period follows the "August break" from early September to Mid-October, with a peak period at the end of September.

The long dry season: This period starts from late October and lasts till early March with peak dry conditions between early December and late February. The period witnesses the prevailing influences of the dry and dusty north-east winds, as well as the 'harmattan' conditions. Vegetation growth is generally hampered, grasses dry and leaves fall from deciduous trees due to reduced moisture.

Northern Nigeria

The climatic conditions in the northern part of Nigeria exhibit only two different seasons, namely, a short wet season and a prolonged dry season. In the North the two rainy seasons merge to give a single wet season between July and September.

What month/season does the different wedding colors fit in?

This is a common question among brides-to-be planning a wedding.

Some Nigerians try to follow western wedding trends, looking for wedding colors that are trendy for a given month or season. While there's nothing wrong in doing that since it can inspire you for your big day, there's almost no significance in doing that as I've explained above.

Do Nigerians have their own wedding trends you can follow? Perhaps they do. But it's not something that gets published or announced. Nigerian designers and event planners still rely on foreign wedding trends, which means you may have to rely on it too if you insist on following the trend; although individuals come up with their own unique ideas for their wedding colors and decor too which sometimes starts a new trend. If you really want to know what the latest trend in Nigeria weddings is, attend some weddings especially elite Nigerian weddings to see what they are doing.

As a Nigerian choosing wedding colors, I'll say don't limit yourself to trends, go with favorite colors, or colors that appeal to you and your groom to-be. But if you'll still like to hear some wedding colors suggestion based on the different seasons of the year, below are some suggestions made by

Colors for the Harmattan Season (October - February):

Dark Green, Silver, Gold, Creams, Orange, Brown, Red, Silver, White, Cream, Burgundy, Navy Blue, Purple and Gold.

Colors for the Rainy Season (March - June):

Pink, Tangerine, Lilac, Periwinkle, Hot Pink, Fuchsia, Lime, Yellow, Cream, Soft Violet and White.

Colors for the Sunny (summer) season (July - September):

Red, Yellow, Orange, Coral, Fuchsia, Blue, Sky Blue, Green, Lime, and Lilac.

If you ask me I don't see what makes the suggested colors right for one season and not for other seasons. Well, except for harmattan season. We all know harmattan comes with a lot of dust. And it would only be appropriate to use colors that hide the dust and that looks vibrant since harmattan already dampens the weather. Also I'll say white is definitely a no no for harmattan season because of the dust except if you want to use it lightly but not as a primary color. And you can use wine color too for dry season.

In reality, you can use any colors that suit you at any time of the year for your wedding. As I've made clear seasonal colors doesn't really have much meaning for our weddings.

Always remember that what makes your wedding perfect is when you create your own style and let your personality shine through your style.

Month/Season to get married in Nigeria to reduce wedding cost

It's common sense to think that weddings will be most common during the dry season, which comprises of the hot (sunny) season and harmattan season. And weddings will be happening less during the raining season. This can affect cost. If the demand is high, cost is likely to be high too and vice versa.

The other event in the year that affect wedding cost is holidays.

  • Christmas
  • Esther

Even Valentine (especially if it falls around the weekend)

With so many events been organized during the xmas period including weddings, reception venue wouldn't come cheap, food wouldn't come cheap. But other things might come cheap. Like your wedding attire. It is very common for clothing stores to run generous discounts during xmas period since they want to clear their goods before the new year.

The only reason I see to get married during a festive period is if you celebrate the holiday and you'll want your wedding anniversary to fall on that period every year to add to the spirit of the season for you every year. Other than that it's too rowdy a period (especially xmas period) to be planning a wedding.

There are other things you may want to consider too before deciding on what time of the year to have your wedding. See the article on picking the perfect wedding date.

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