One Year After Proposal Still No Wedding Plans

by Joyce

I am 26 and my boyfriend is 30. He proposed to marry me this year and i agreed. My problem is that he said he needs to first relocate before he can go ahead with the marriage plans. It's been a year now and he has still not relocated. He keeps on showing his interest to marry me but there is no sign of him moving out now. I am scared this will take forever. Please advice me.

Karo's (Admin) Reply

Hello Joyce,

Is he relocating from one country to another or by relocating you mean moving to another apartment?

Anyway, regardless here's my advice.

He likely has told you why he wants to relocate first before he marries you. Now does his reason for insisting on moving before having the wedding make sense to you? Does his actions, that is aside him insisting on moving before marriage, show that he truly loves you? Has he made his intention to marry you known to your family and has he taken you to meet his family formally as the woman he wants to marry?

A man that is serious about marrying you and that has even proposed to you even when he's not financially ready yet will have talked to both families about his intentions with you. If he hasn't done that, and if your instinct tells you he's playing you for a fool, then he likely his. And if that's the case you have to take drastic measures. And on that I'll suggest talking to him about his plans. And honestly tell him how long you can bare to wait for him to be ready. If I were in your shoes, I'll give him an automatum. If between this time and that he's not yet moved and we start with our wedding plans, then I'm moving on.

But if his reason for wanting to move first make some sense, try to be more understanding. Why hasn't he moved as he said he would. Perhaps things are not going as well for you as you think. Try to find out. And if money is the problem for the delay in moving, perhaps you could support him financially? Or suggest he moves after the wedding. As long as you don't think he's toiling with you, then be a bit more patient. Although a year after proposal without any plans for marriage yet will be disturbing to any woman, it comes down to this, why is moving so important to him? Is his reason legitmate or he's just using it as an excuse?

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