12 Months Planning A Wedding Checklist For Nigerian Wedding - Printable PDF

I've prepared a detailed 12 months planning a wedding checklist for Nigerian weddings. It's a printable wedding checklist pdf. Below are tips on how to use the checklist for maximum benefit and the download link to the pdf file. It's free for download no subscription required.

How to Use the Wedding Planning To Do Check list For Maximum Benefit

The printable wedding planner checklist was created as a general guide on what needs to be done for brides and grooms to-be planning a Nigerian wedding. It was also created to get you thinking of what more needs to be done. A general wedding planning to do checklist from which you will draw up your master wedding planning checklist, a checklist that is unique to your wedding needs.

Your wedding is likely less than 12 months away. So when you do each task on the list should be determined by how much time you have before your wedding.

Print out the checklist. Then find a full day when you and your fiancé will be free to sit together and go through the items on the checklist, which ones applies to you and which doesn't. Neatly strike out any item that doesn't apply to your wedding and add those that apply but that wasn't added. So that by the end of the day you have a checklist that meets your wedding needs to work with.

Finally try to involve your fiancé in the planning process as much as possible. Yes wedding planning is largely on you, the bride to-be. But get the groom on board with what needs to be done too. In fact like I said before sit down together and figure everything out together. When he knows what you're up to he can take off some of the stress from you by helping you run some of the wedding planning errands. You may want to ask your groom-to-be to read the article on the groom wedding planning duties.

Download 12 months Nigerian wedding planning checklist pdf file

P.S. The pdf checklist include links to some helpful articles for certain wedding planning tasks. To access the links you'll have to have a copy of the checklist on a computer. So the links will be clickable for you to access them. As you'd expect once printed out, the links are no longer clickable. And if you can't access the links included, you won't get the maximum benefit from using the checklist.

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