Pre-Wedding Advice For A Hitch Free Wedding

The pre-wedding thoughts I shared in this article is to help eliminate wedding anxiety and wedding jitters. I'm sure you'll find the points made helpful for planning your own wedding.

Wedding Planning Tips

Sometimes it's just in your head

Before I go any further there's something I must make clear that can help you avoid wedding panic or keep your head in the right place and that is for you to know that no matter how much you plan, everything will not go your way. And that is true no matter how much you have to spend. No wedding is 100% perfect.

However the goal is that you start your wedding planning early and plan well so that nothing really important to the success of the wedding will be omitted or unaccounted for.

When to Start Planning your Wedding

I'll say immediately after you say I do! Or in the case of most Nigerians where there is usually no official proposal, I mean not many of our men go down on one kneel these days to ask a woman to marry them. Some start a relationship and eventually just start visiting eachother at home meeting the siblings and parents. And one day just decides they want to get married and start the process without the man actually going down on one kneel and without the woman insisting that he does. Who cares right? What's important is that he asks to talk with your parents about marrying you.

Anyway in the case where there is no official proposal then start planning your wedding after both families have been introduced. That is after your Wedding Introduction.

In fact the tradition is that at the Wedding Introduction the couples to be will agree on a wedding date with their parents. So if things go that way at the end of your Introduction you should have a wedding date. And when you do, whether your wedding date is 3 months from your Introduction or 6 months you should seriously start planning your wedding immediately. Decide on the size of your wedding, start looking for a wedding venue and pick your colors. If you start your planning early, you will not just have things ready in time and reduce unnecessary wedding anxiety but you can reduce your cost a great deal. For example picking a venue much in time for the wedding will make sure you get the exact place you want to use and that you also get it at a decent price.

Who should Plan your Wedding

The best person to plan your wedding is you. Don't leave anything to your mother or siblings. Be involved in every part of the planning yourself and don't rest until things are done the way you want them. This is another reason you should start planning early.

If you can afford a wedding planner then be greatly involved in the planning as well. Be sure of what your planner is up to each time and make sure she's working according to what you want not deciding on things without your approval. It's your wedding not hers.

It's easier If You Know What You Want

One of the biggest problems brides to be face is that they often don't know what they want their wedding to be like. And when you don't know what you want, it's hard to be clear with everyone what you want from them. And when you're not, then you start to listen to a lot of different advice and sometimes following all of them; which will lead to disorganization.

So if you're not exactly sure what you want your wedding to be like what can you do?

The problem usually for some of these people is design problem. Some suck at matching colors and decorating. So often that's where they are stuck because aside from deciding on the size for your wedding every other thing about the wedding actually follows a tradition. Though you can add a bit of creativity to your wedding to add more fun, but wedding programs are almost always the same. So what can you do if you're not good with combining colors and decorating? There's no need to worry I suck at these things too. So I can direct you well on what to do. Help is below.

Combining Wedding Colors

What colors should you use for your wedding?

First go read some tips about wedding color combinations.

If you're still not sure after reading that article, then start look into the meaning of colors. That might help you in deciding what colors will tell the story you want your wedding to tell better.

When you've decided on the colors you want according to their meaning do a search in Google to find real weddings that used those color combinations to see how they used it. For example if you decide to use the colors white, ash and gray. Go to Google and type in "white+ash+gray+real wedding". You probably will be able to find some real weddings that used those color combinations you've picked and see how they used the colors. You can then decide to adjust yours or copy exactly how it was used.

When you're a color matching and decorating dummy then it's better to keep things as simple as possible. Spend a few minutes using the search engine and you'll be able to decide on colors and designs. There are a lot of images you'll find about wedding venue decoration and anything else you want.

Limit your Jumping around as much as Possible

When you're planning a wedding try to reduce your movement; especially the ones that will involve taking a bus or going in a car. I don't mean to scare you but some brides have been involved in motor accidents during their wedding planning; some when going or coming from a market where they went to do some wedding shopping.

When planning your wedding all eyes are on you and we live in a wicked world my dear. So except when what needs to be done can't be sorted out through the phone and you have to do it personally, don't go jumping into buses rushing out to every single place.

And while we're on the subject, when you're planning a wedding expect to be on the phone a lot of the times. So find a call plan that will reduce your call tariff as much as possible so as to reduce cost.

Check in on Vendors Regularly

You'll have to work with a lot of people during your wedding planning; your makeup artist, hair dresser, wedding gown tailor if you choose to sew, your cake baker, venue decorator etc. You want to make sure those people remain available to you on the day you need them. So don't just make arrangement with them and that's it. Call them regularly and keep reminding them of the arrangement they have with you and be sure they still have room for you until they've rendered their service to you.

Worst Wedding Nightmares

The worst wedding nightmares are:

What if the groom doesn't turn up?

What if things don't go as planned and your guests are disappointed?

These imaginations and or nightmares are almost normal for a big day such as your wedding. Sometimes it's taken you so long to find a marriage partner that you've started to wonder whether it will ever happen for you. And all of a sudden you're planning a wedding! The excitement of that plus the thoughts you've had all those time can make you start to think the worst for your wedding day.

But relax. Yes, you're really getting married and nothing bad will happen; at least even though everything doesn't go as planned I'm sure it won't be your groom that wouldn't turn up. And as long as your groom turns up to marry you, then nothing else matters really. :)

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