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Why online relationship advice columns?

It's simple...To help as many singles as possible build healthy relationships that would someday lead to marriage.

I have two sections on this site where I discuss love relationship issues and share healthy relationship advice.

  • Through articles where I target specific relationship question, concern and/or problem. And I share advice accordingly.

  • Through real relationship questions asked by readers.

If you want expert relationship advice, then avail yourself to my two love advice columns.

Online Relationship Advice Articles

Definition And Meaning Of True Love
I define true love and demonstrated with a true touching love story what is true love.

5 Signs He Loves You
Does he really love you? You likely already know the answer. But if you're not sure, these 5 signs he loves you will clarify things for you once and for all.

Age Differences In Relationships Does it Affect the Success of Such Relationships Especially Marriage?
Does age differences in relationships and age difference in marriage really matter to its success? Some celebrities in age gap relationships.

Age Gap Isn't an Issue for Successful Relationships But then It Can Be
In this part 2 of age difference in marriage I discussed when age gap relationships can work and when they can't. Including important factors for successful relationship and marriage.

Age Difference In Relationships Can't Prevent True Love From Flourishing - Case Study Lola Omotayo Age Difference To Peter Okoye
Age difference in relationships can't prevent true love from flourishing. How old is Lola Omotayo and how her relationship with Peter Okoye has thrived regardless.

Should I have Sex With My Boyfriend?
A practical answer to a relationship question about whether to have sex in a relationship; just yet. Find answers to more relationship questions.

Commitment ring - Should you ask your Boyfriend for one?
Want a commitment ring? How to ask your boyfriend for one without really asking. Plus reasons you may want to rethink wearing such ring.

Should I Get Married? Am I ready?
A question every single person should honestly answer before getting married. Marriage readiness test questions to determine if YOU are ready.

Marriage Compatibility Test
Marriage compatibility test you can rely on. Tips for choosing a compatible marriage mate, including compatible genotypes and astrology signs.

"I Need Relationship Advice" - Relationship Questions And Answers

Do you need a relationship advice? I personally answer relationship questions sent in. And I do it in time too. The best part is my readers have found my advice to their real relationship problems very helpful.

To get my free relationship advice use the relationship questions page to send in your relationship question.

My hope for having relationship advice columns is that I am able to help you with your relationship needs so that you can grow your relatioship to the level that you feel sure and ready to take the big step with your significant other - get engaged and start planning a wedding!

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