Second Wedding Gowns - Options For Second Wedding Dresses AKA Wedding Reception Dress

Why are second wedding gowns also know as wedding reception dresses even necessary? And what are the options available to you? These are the questions this article will be answering.

When I started to think about a second wedding dress for my future wedding, it never occurred to me that it's in trend. Actually one of the things that have bothered me each time I think of a dress style to use for my reception dress is how people will feel about it? Will they think I am trying to show off? Will it be seen as weird? This is because I've never seen it done. But obviously it's has been done by some Nigerian brides.

example of second wedding dress

example of second wedding dress

Why Second Wedding Gowns

Different brides have their different reasons for choosing to change from the wedding ceremony dress to another dress for the reception. For me I would like to change my dress because I've attended weddings in a ball gown before and it really affected how free I was to dance. And one of the things I look forward to on my wedding day is dancing!

I would like a dress that would make me feel free to dance, socialize for as long as I want without feeling uncomfortable and eager for the wedding party to end. In fact if it's possible I would even like to sneak out after the ceremony, have a quick shower, redo myself completely and come out to the wedding reception looking and feeling fresh. Usually at wedding receptions, brides look so tired and exhausted; face oil and sweat all over them. I would like to change that in other to feel more relaxed and just enjoy myself.

That's my reason and possibly the reason too for some brides. But here are other reasons some brides would consider a second dress:

  • They don't like their ceremony dress, sometimes brides wear their wedding ceremony dress to please their mothers or the church and in the reception they'll like to change to what they really like to wear.

  • They want to feel freer to socialize with their guests.

  • And finally a few will want to do it just because they can afford to. And it's their big day, a little bit of show off wouldn't hurt :)

Is a Second Wedding Dress of any Importance to the Wedding?

I know exactly what the average Nigerian reaction will be like to using a different dress for the wedding ceremony and a different dress for the wedding reception. They'll feel it's just another excuse to waste money in a wedding planning that already gulped a lot of money. And that's understandable especially since wedding is a beginning not an end.

The reception dress has no significance to your wedding except the significance you attach to it. For example is it important to me to be comfortable during my wedding reception? Definitely! Do I think it's worth the extra cost? Definitely! After all the dress remains mine to keep so it is money spent on myself not on guests. So I don't feel at all that using a second dress is being extravagant. But it's your decision. If you feel you need it, then you do. If you feel you don't, then you don't.

What are the options of Second Wedding Gowns available to you?

I'm thinking along the line of using a trouser dress style or a short gown. And that's because I'll feel much comfortable in either a trouser or a short gown when dancing. But if I use another ball gown, then the point of changing my dress for me is defected because then I'll still have to watch my steps each time, keep my hand on my dress to keep myself from stepping on my dress; which is one of the reasons I'll be uncomfortable in my wedding gown at the reception. But if I use a trouser, I intend to keep the wedding feel to it. Maybe keep it white, or cream and pick a style that at first glance wouldn't be obvious it's a trouser.

What are the tips to picking a wedding reception dress?

Know your purpose for wanting to change your dress. If it's for comfort then use a dress style that will achieve that for you. If it's for show off, then use the dress style you'll love most to be seen in on your wedding day.

Your second dress should have significant difference in style to your wedding ceremony dress.

examples of second wedding dresses

I will gladly wear any of the above dress styles at my wedding reception. But because comfort is more important to me, I'll rather use the short dress. And I love to wear beads too! So the short dress exactly as it is will work perfectly for me as a second wedding dress.

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