Sell Wedding Dress - List Your Preowned or Used Wedding Dress For Sale

Have a used wedding dress in your box or closet doing nothing but just eating space? Here you can list and sell wedding dress. Here I connect buyers and sellers of preowned wedding dress or used also second hand bridal and bridesmaid wedding dresses.

sell preowned wedding dress

Why Sell My Wedding Dress

It's better to sell your second hand wedding dress because…

  • You can only wear a wedding dress once, after which it is useless to you. Forget keeping it for your unborn daughter to wear on her wedding day because I'm sure by then your wedding dress no matter how beautiful it is now would not be appreciated as you thought. Moreover, your daughter(s) have their memories to create starting with their own wedding dress!

  • You can recoup some of your wedding cost instead of spending more money on dry cleaning to keep your wedding dress from stains. It cost at least N5,000 to wash a wedding dress at the dry cleaners. And you know sometimes it doesn't matter whether you wear a dress or not, it will get some stains even while in your box; especially for a white wedding dress.

  • You get to share that beautiful wedding dress with someone who will truly appreciate it as it will help the bride and groom to be save on cost for their wedding buying a used wedding dress.

How to Sell Wedding Dress on NigerianWeddingsGuide.Com

This page welcome listing for bridal and bridesmaid preowned or second hand wedding dress.

Preowned here means a wedding dress that was bought but not yet worn and you wish to sell it.

Second hand or used here means a wedding dress that has been worn once even twice but still in good condition for someone else to use for her big day.

To list and sell wedding dress here cost only a one-time fee of N2,500 for bridal dress and N1,000 for bridesmaid dress.

Your dress is listed here until it sells for no additional fee, no renewal fee, no commission asked when you sell your wedding dress. You sell and keep all the money.

To list your wedding dress:

  • Use the form below to give a description of your dress including the size, how much it cost you to sew or buy it, how much you're selling it for, your terms of sale (whether or not your asking price is negotiable, whether or not you wish to sell only to a buyer in same state with you or across Nigeria, who bears shipping charges and so on). And any other relevant information. I've listed some information below I expect you to complete. But don't limit yourself to giving only those information. You can add as much detail about your dress as you want. The more information you give, the more buyers you'll attract.

  • Upload images of the wedding dress you wish to sell. Preferably add a back and front view photo of the dress on you on your wedding day. We allow up to 4 images.

  • Preview your listing. Review your listing to make sure that you’ve provided accurate information, then click “Publish My Listing”.

  • Then send in the required listing fee.

Once your payment is confirmed your listing would go live on this site.

Before I publish your listing I'll add a contact form to it so that buyers interested in your listing can contact you directly. So please do include a valid email to your listing including your mobile number. Your email and phone number is not published on the site. I need the email to copy you each time a message is left on your listing. And the phone number to reach you on behalf of a buyer if necessary.

You and the buyer will conclude arrangement for the sale including how best to send you the money for the dress and deliver the wedding dress. Transactions are private between the buyer and the seller and done completely outside the site. Nigerian Weddings Guide simply connect buyers and sellers of preowned and used wedding dresses and leave the rest to both parties.

How Am I Sure I will Sell my Wedding Dress if I list it here?

You will because:

  • This site is targeted to Nigerian weddings so most visitors to the site will be Nigerian brides to be planning their weddings. Or people who know brides to be planning their weddings and will like to save some money by buying a used wedding gown.

  • This page will be advertised across the site. And each of the new listing that is approved on the site is advertised on our Facebook page to draw attention to the listing.

  • Your listing remains for as long as it takes to sell it. So there's no worry of your listing fee expiring and your listing being deleted while your dress is yet to sell.

Tips to Sell Wedding Dress Fast

  • Give as much helpful information as possible about the dress when making your listing. And give readers enough reason to buy.

  • Upload your best photos of you in the wedding dress.

  • Be reasonable with your price, ask for a fair amount; after all the reason a bride to be or even a bridesmaid would be interested in buying a second hand wedding dress is to save money. So keep that in mind.

  • Don't just leave the promotion to the site. Once your listing has been approved, let your friends know you've put your wedding dress up for sale. Use social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to promote your wedding dress listing.

For more help and tips please see FAQ before creating your listing.

Complete the Information Below to Create your Preowned Wedding Dress Listing

Update October 15, 2015. now has a dedicated Nigeria wedding shops website and that's where we're now listing all used wedding and bridesmaid dresses for sale. So to sell your preowned or used wedding dress or bridesmaid dress please go to the shop and contact us there.

Copy the following information into the form below and complete as many of them as possible to submit a listing. Email and phone number must be entered otherwise listing will not be accepted.

Dress Description:

Dress designer (if it's a popular designer):

Original Price:

Asking Price:

Year Purchased or Sewn:

Dress Condition (not yet worn, worn once or worn more than once):

Need repair?:




- Bust:
- Waist:
- Hip:
- Length:

Terms of Sale

- Is your asking price Negotiable?

- Same state pick up only or Nationwide delivery?

- Offering a return policy? If yes what's your policy if your dress is returned?

Shipping terms for Nationwide delivery

Who pays for delivery? Is the shipping fee included in your asking price? Or do you want to set a percentage of the asking price as shipping fee to be paid together with the asking price by the buyer? Or will you and the buyer share the cost of shipping 50/50?

City/State of residence:

Find me on Facebook (Add your Facebook profile link):

Full name:


Mobile number(s):

For those Buying a Used Wedding Dress

Search through our listings below, if you find a dress you like, before contacting the bride leave a comment on the listing about what you think of the dress, pricing and terms of sale. I allow for direct contact with the owner of the dress because transactions are done privately between the buyer and the seller.

You can negotiate with the bride if the dress is negotiable, agree on price and arrange on how to send the money and get the dress. You have the option of the dress been sent to you via a courier service if you stay in different states or meet and pick it up in person if you stay within the same state.

Disclaimer: Be careful when dealing with a seller you reached through this site as I don't personally know those who make listings here. I do my best to make sure only legit listing is published here here and I call each person who make a listing here to confirm that the listing is legit before publishing it but one can never be too careful.

So have a reasonable agreement of how the dress would reach you before sending the payment for it. I believe brides who make listings here actually have a wedding dress to sell and aren't here to scam brides to be (I request they include a photo of them in the dress on their wedding day, if that doesn't exist I make sure to get the full story of the dress before accepting the listing. I also request they add their Facebook profile link to their listing). However thread carefully. takes no responsibility if a transaction goes bad. This is solely a transaction between you and the seller. My responsibility here only is to connect you with brides who want to sell their wedding dress.

However I do offer help to prevent any fraudulent transactions. Please read the FAQ before browsing our list and buying a used wedding dress.

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