5 Signs He Loves You - My Boyfriend Is In Love With Me

This article on signs he loves you is the second on the series of what is true love.

In the first article of the series I defined what true love really means. There I said true love was an unconditional love. And I featured a touching story that clearly demonstrated that love in action.

Since we've defined true love, the next logical question, one I am sure you're most interested in is:

How Do I Know if my Boyfriend Truly Loves Me?

signs he loves you - is he in love

I've described true love before to be like a pregnant woman that is inevitable to show eventually. If your boyfriend loves you, usually you can tell. We're women; we know these things for sure if we're honest with ourselves.

Some guys are better at showing love than others. But regardless it's not hard to tell if your boyfriend loves you. If you find yourself asking the questions "does he really love me?" "Is he in love with me?" Then he likely isn't. I mean, there must be a reason you're not convinced that he does. Maybe he goes several days without calling you, maybe he doesn't say much about himself and what he does, and really doesn't care what you do either. Maybe he never introduces you to his friends when they come over and meet you in his place or he just casually introduces you as his 'friend'. And so on.

5 Sure Signs He Loves You

Like I said before some guys are better at showing love than others. So things like how often he tells you he loves you, whether he's jealous when you're with other guys, whether he cuddles and caresses you and whether he looks into your eyes when he talks are not really reliable signs to say that he loves you. They're good signs no doubt. But a guy can be all that and he's not in love with you; and a guy may not be all that yet he's very much in love with you.

So here I want to discuss with you signs that regardless of men's individuality, when your boyfriend does those things should say to you in no unclear terms that "I love you".

1. He always wants to know about you

He wants to know about WHO you are; your past relationships, your relationship with your family, how you view life, your goals and aspirations, your ultimate dream, your needs and about the important people in your life.

He's always interested in knowing what's going on with you. Did you have a good day? How did you spend your day exactly? Is there something you need? And so on. A guy who doesn't show much interest in knowing about things related to WHO you are, doesn't ask and doesn't care to know is obviously not in love with you. A guy who is truly in love with you couldn't help asking about you. It will come naturally to him because his feelings and intentions towards you are real and pure.

2. He cares about what you think

When a guy is in love with you, he'll be interested in what you think about important decisions he makes and how he did something. He'll even consult with you about important stuffs he wants to do and he'll value your opinion when you give it.

3. He flaunts you to everyone especially the important people in his life

This is very important and a definite sign of love when a man always wants to introduce you to the people he deals with in his everyday life especially the important people in his life; his family and close friends. Then girl know he's looking into the future with you in mind. Usually a guy wouldn't want especially his family to know about his flings. So if you're in his place and someone comes in and he doesn't quickly and proudly introduce you as his girlfriend, then there's a problem.

4. He goes out of his way for you

It could be him making little sacrifices just to let you know you're special. For example a very busy guy that makes time for you regardless; makes the time to be with you and makes the effort to call or text you from work. No matter how tired he gets when he gets home from work he makes the effort to call you to see how your day went. And when he calls he asks about your day, listens as you talk about it, ask you questions about it and then tells you about his day. And he feels better usually after talking to you.

I had an ex who I'll always remember especially for his self sacrificing spirit towards me then. I remember one occasion when he needed money for something important and later something came up for me that required urgent attention and money. He gave me the money he wanted to use that he previously complained wouldn't be enough for him just so I could sort myself out first. A guy who loves you will gladly self sacrifice for you to always make you feel special to him. And I did feel special to him.

5. He can't stay mad at you

Immediately I mentioned this as one of the signs he loves you, some memories came to mind and I smiled. Memories of same ex boyfriend I had that just couldn't stay mad at me. When he's supposed to be mad and he looks into my eyes, he starts to smile instead! I remember he told me a few times that he couldn't stay mad at me; especially when I'm right in front of him. I always felt so good because of that. And when he's angry with me instead of me staying away from him, I'll want him to see me because I knew when he did, his heart will melt and he'll just want to hold me and play with me instead.

Love oh love. How sweet you are! Love is the most beautiful thing there is in this world. That must sound like a cliché but it's true. And if you're lucky enough to find someone who really has it for you, then you wouldn't have to wonder about it, it will be very evident to you and others around you two.

There are more signs of course to know if your boyfriend loves you, such as him being protective of you, comforting you when you have a bad day and so on. But these signs he loves you that I've discussed must be there if he truly loves you.

So there you have it. Does your boyfriend really love you? Well, only you can tell for sure after considering these 5 signs he loves you.

Next on the series of what is true love, we'll look into exception to the rules; how do you know if a guy is serious about you when starting a new relationship. True love doesn't happen suddenly after all. So at the beginning it may not be so clear. But there will still be signs to tell if it's heading that direction.

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