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As I made clear on the home page of this site, I don't want to limit readers of NWG to my own ideas alone. I like to present different ideas on wedding planning. And there's no person better to learn from than the professionals in the business themselves.

So if you're a wedding vendor consider writing an article to share some unique ideas in your field relating to wedding planning and create free exposure for yourself and your business including for your listing, if you've created a wedding vendor listing on Nigerian Weddings Guide.

I'm always in the lookout for articles that share great ideas for the Nigerian bride and groom planning their wedding.

I especially appreciate 'how to' articles and articles sharing UNIQUE ideas.

You can of course suggest content ideas relating to wedding planning for consideration on NWG. But as a guide here's the content I'll appreciate most for now:

  • DIY weddings
  • White wedding cake recipe
  • Chocolate wedding cake recipe
  • How to make wedding bouquets
  • How to make wedding cakes
  • How to preserve wedding flowers
  • Handmade soaps for bridal favors
  • Wedding decoration ideas
  • Bridal makeup tips
  • Bridal shower ideas
  • Bridal shower decoration ideas
  • How to dj a wedding
  • How to do wedding photography
  • How to make wedding invitations
  • How to take wedding photos
  • How to photograph a wedding

Articles on 'how to' create or make anything for a wedding to reduce wedding cost or share unique ideas to cut cost on wedding will be greatly appreciated by readers of NWG.

Though not compulsory but as this is a wedding site try to add relevant images to your articles. Send your article and relevant images for it to NWG submission email

Submit Photos

Brides to be always want to love at pictures because it inspires them. So I'm always looking for relevant professional pictures to use in my articles. So if you would like to share pictures of some of your work you're welcome to do so. I'll find relevant articles where I can use them meaningfully.

I don't accept watermark images but I give you credit for your work by mentioning your name or business name and linking to your website, NWG vendor listing page and/or social business profile.

Please note that before you can submit any of your work to Nigerian Weddings Guide you must first list your business on the NWG wedding vendors directory. It allows for me to easily give you the credit for your work by linking to your business profile here on the site so readers can read more about your work as I'm aware a lot of Nigerian wedding vendors don't have personal websites.

If you're submitting images only to be used here, create a zip file for them. Login to your email address and send the file as attachment to the email address NWG submission email

To create a zip file is easy to do. If you don't know how to create one please read the article, how to create zip files.

If you're a wedding photographer and would like to submit a real wedding, see real Nigerian wedding photos submission for instructions.

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