Types Of Bridal Bouquets - Bridal Bouquet Styles

There are different types of bridal bouquets. Bridal bouquet styles such as the round, modern, cascade, arm sheaf etc that you can choose from. Your choice of style depends on your taste, your dress style, your height and your wedding theme.

Bridal Bouquet Types

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Round Bridal Bouquet

The round bridal bouquet is usually used for large flowers such as roses, or peonies loosely arranged with foliage and tied with ribbon.

Modern Bridal Bouquet

Modern bouquet is a bouquet made up of exotic flowers and tropical foliage.

Cascade Bridal Bouquet

Cascade also known as fountain, shower, or waterfall bouquet. This type of bouquet is rounded at the top with a stream of flowers flowing over the bride's hand for a cascading effect.

Any type of flower can be used to create this style of bouquet. But most commonly used are large petaled blooms such as roses, calla lilies, lisianthus and orchids. This type of bouquet is the most formal and traditional types of bouquet.

Arm Sheaf Bridal Bouquet

Arm Sheaf also known as presentation bouquet is a bouquet with long-stemmed flowers that the bride cradles alongside her inner arm.

Flowers often used for this kind bouquet are orchids, long-stemmed, roses, gladiolus, delphiniums and calla lilies.

Matching Bouquet to Body size and Dress Style

Longer bouquet arrangements like cascade and arm sheaf with fuller flower groupings is suited for a taller bride. While a more compact bouquet will suit a shorter stature bride so that the bouquet can compliment the bride's dress instead of obscuring it.

The general rule is that the larger the dress the larger the bouquet. However you must also consider your height too. Fuller larger bouquet are generally for taller brides as it will look too big for a shorter bride therefore making it the focus of attention instead of the bride's gown; and the bride herself of course.

cascade is also suited for a romantic style wedding gown where it can't overpower it.

A hand tied bouquet is most suited for a simple wedding dress at a contemporary wedding.

Pomander bouquet is suited for a slim fitting gown.

Finally you don't have to carry a bouquet if you don't want to. If you'd rather have your hands free on your wedding day then you can use a flower bracelet instead. Wedding flower bracelet also known as wrist corsages or wedding flower jewelry consist of small groupings of flowers usually orchids or roses attached to an elastic wristband.

Flower bracelet is especially suited for a casual, short-hemmed wedding gown.

I hope this article on the types of bridal bouquets and styles have been able to help you somehow. I wish you the best on your big day.

For more bridal bouquet pictures see the wedding flower gallery.

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