What Makes An Ugly Bridesmaid Dress And Tips for a Beautiful Bridesmaid Dress

An ugly bridesmaid dress doesn't have to be a dress with the style in the 1960's. A bridesmaid dress can be said to be ugly if the dress color and style isn't suitable for the occasion. And also if the dress doesn't look good on the body of the person wearing it.

Bridesmaid wedding dress color

The color of the bridesmaids dresses should of course match with the bride's wedding colors; when it stands out on its own then it's going to leave the guests complaining all through the wedding of how out of place the maids dresses were.

Bridesmaid wedding dress style

The style of the dress a bridesmaid wears should be one that is appropriate for the occasion.

ugly bridesmaid dress

Look at the picture above, you see the maid of honor at the extreme end of the picture? Would you say that style of dress is suitable for a wedding occasion? Too much exposure wouldn't you say?

Also a bridesmaid's dress should be fitting for the bridesmaid wearing the dress. For example there are dress styles that though may look good on a slim person may not look good on a plus size person. And then there are styles that will look good on a busty person that will not look good on a bridesmaid with small breasts.

Tips for a Beautiful Bridesmaid dress

To make a beautiful bridesmaid dress the bride to be should sit down with her bridesmaid and together let them pick a style that will be suitable for all the bridal train that she approves. For example they shouldn't choose a short bridesmaid dress style if some of the bridesmaid have fat legs that wouldn't look good. And a strapless bridesmaid dress doesn't usually look appropriate for a busty bridesmaid.

For a beautiful bridesmaids look, the bride has two options. Either pick bridesmaids of same shapes and curves and pick one style fit all or let the bridesmaids pick their own dress styles. I even hear it's a trend now!

Simply give them guidelines such as the theme to follow and allow them to chose styles they are comfortable with. You may even consider allowing them to pick different shades of same color. Trust me, when done properly it comes out more beautiful than using same color shade for all the bridesmaid. Doing this allow your bridesmaid to get creative, stylish and beautiful on your wedding day.

bridesmaids with different dress color shades and styles

Bride you want to be careful though, allowing different shades could easily get messy. I'll rather you let them pick their styles but keep color the same shade.

The best bridesmaid dress is that dress that shows off your curves and hides your imperfections. As you're unique your dress style should be unique too from the other bridesmaid dresses and should show your own unique personality.

Being a Bridesmaid stands you out so Stand out

There's a reason ladies fight to be among the bridal bridesmaids. And that's because being a bridesmaid stands you out of every other ladies at the wedding. You'll always be among those in the forefront at the wedding and that gives a lot of room to be noticed by the single males at the wedding especially if you're single and searching. So go all out to look your best at the wedding. Your hairdo, your dress style and your make up should all show off your assets and diminish your imperfections.

I remember when my elder sister got married and she chose me to be her chief bridesmaid or maid of honor. I wore a pink dress that was modeled after the bridal dress; which was very beautiful. But you should see me during the preparation; it was as if I was the one getting married! I went all out; which turned out to be a bit too much I realized later because I had hair accessories more than necessary. Aside that I looked great! So great that I think the best man noticed me for the first time even though he's known me for some time. One of the groomsmen was also trying to match us up. Unfortunately it seemed the best man wasn't really searching.

But you get the point right? A bridesmaid is like a runway model that gets the opportunity for the first time to walk down a runway with hundreds of eyes on her. If she's really passionate about her career in modeling, she'll give her best to be seen as a true professional that day to give the attention of the people who could help her career.

Who knows in your case the best man may just be single and searching! Or if he's not someone else in the audience may just be! And you may be the next to plan your wedding.

So have you been chosen to be among a bridal train? Do all you can to make sure you're described with a lot of names at the end of the wedding except the description "that girl with the ugly bridesmaid dress".

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