Wedding Anniversary Toast For Parents And Friends

Will you soon be making a wedding anniversary toast and need ideas? Don't worry making a wedding anniversary speech is easy; after all wedding anniversary is a beautiful thing; you can't really go wrong with what you say as long as you keep it honest.

Even if it is one year wedding anniversary, there's a lot to say for a couple that survived the first year of marriage. I mean about how much they must love and respect each other because I'll assume the first year is the hardest. And there's even more to say for a couple that makes it through more years.

If your parents wedding anniversary or even a close friend's anniversary is coming up and you'll be making a toast, below are some tips to help you write and give an heartfelt toast.

Tips for Writing a Heartfelt and/or Memorable Wedding Anniversary Speech

  • Before writing a single word think about what you admire the most about the couple whether they're your parents or friends. And what you think they have that is rare that have helped them live happily as a couple and what you wish them.

  • Start with a joke or some silly but true story about the couple. The joke or story should relate with the point you want to drive home in your speech.

  • Keep it meaningful.

  • Keep it positive.

  • Make it funny.

  • Keep it short.

  • Practice your speech and familiarize yourself with all you want to say.

Making a Wedding Anniversary toast

In a wedding anniversary party or get together the waiter or anyone in charge of the drinks schedules a toasting time and by that time everyone would have a filled glass.

Champagne is commonly use for toasting however any beverages drink can be used.

At the end of the toast everybody hit their glasses slightly and say cheers to conclude the toast.

Click to see samples of wedding anniversary speeches

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