Wedding Color Combinations - Warm Wedding Color Scheme that Never go out of Trend

Honestly until now I didn't think much of wedding color combinations. I mean aside the traditional white color. But I did some research recently regarding wedding color scheme and some combinations I found just made me wish I could get married right away! They are so beautiful.

When I think about wedding priorities I think about wedding gown, professional make-up, ring and DJ. But now wedding colors will definitely be one of my priorities. And for good reason too. Warm bright wedding colors add to good wedding pictures. And wedding pictures last forever.

To avoid a wedding colors mismatch however, your wedding colors have to be the first thing you decide on after answering in the positive to "Will you marry me". That is because your wedding colors affect every aspect of your wedding; dresses, decorations, table cloth, invitations etc.

Honestly the average Nigerian doesn't do wedding colors match as well as it's done abroad. And it's understandable. White wedding isn't our culture afterall.

But as they say what is worth doing is worth doing well. If you want to have a white wedding make the effort and pay attention to your wedding colors match, it will reflect well in your pictures and the cool environment you'll create alone with good color matching will make your wedding guests think highly of your wedding.

What should influence your wedding color combinations?

Your favorite color, favorite flower and the wedding season color. Seasonal wedding colors is not common with us though, but abroad there are different wedding trends for different seasons such as spring, summer, fall and winter.

But those are just a guide because your wedding should reflect your personality. But what if you're like me that doesn't have a favorite color and a favorite flower?

Let the color combinations below inspire you in creating your own wedding color palette.

For example if someone had suggested a mint green color to me as a wedding color I likely would have been confused of what exact color that is. But now that I see it in pictures I'm crazy about mint-green and its different variations.

I wouldn't suggest you follow wedding color trends because that may mean using a color that you don't like just to keep up with the trend. But if you do like mint-green, then I read in the December 2012 edition of the Wedding Planner magazine that seasonal wedding planners have predicted that the color mint is going to be hot for 2013 and likely beyond. And I'm really not surprised because mint as you'll see in the wedding color combinations photos below is a very refreshing, elegant and clean color. And it can be mixed with visually any color; yellow, aqua, lemon, just name it.

Decide on your Wedding Colors

Use the following photo color combinations as inspiration to pick your wedding colors. Your wedding colors should not be more than 3 in total with one to be the dominant color except you're using different shades of one color.

color combination 01
color combination 02
color combination 03

color combination 04
color combination 05
color combination 06
color combination 07
color combination 08

Once you've decided on your wedding colors stick with them so your wedding colors can be organized. To ensure that, have a paper or small cloth samples of your colors handy all the time so you can easily refer them. And let everyone who will be contributing to your wedding planning, tailor, cake baker, make-up artist etc be aware of your colors and make sure they use your the actual color you want, not closely related because usually most colors have different variations and you want your wedding color combination to match and make you look professional not amateurish.

Ideas on Mixing Wedding Colors

Need some help deciding on colors? Or have you decided on your colors but not sure how to incorporate them into your wedding? See articles I have written below including questions I have answered for other readers that contains ideas on mixing specific colors including real wedding photos where the colors where combined perfectly for traditional and white wedding. Hopefully you'll find it helpful. And if you don't, you can always send in your Wedding Planning Questions.

Mixing Color Purple Green Gold And Orange for a Traditional Wedding
How to combine colors for a traditional wedding attire. Ideas including photos of brides who matched colors purple, green, gold and orange perfectly.

Ideas for Combining Wedding Colors Blue And Yellow
Ideas on how to mix wedding colors blue and yellow for your wedding. Includes lots of real wedding photos where these colors where perfectly matched.

For my answers so far to questions other people have asked about combining specific wedding colors for traditional and white wedding click here

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› Wedding Color Combinations

› Wedding Color Combinations

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