Wedding Colors Combination - Combining Orange And Gold And Red And White

My name is Oge and am already planning my traditional and white wedding coming up in less than 2 months from now. I have this challenge of choosing suitable colours for my big day. Kindly assist in making a choice though I have orange and gold or white and red in mind.

Pls which other colour can go with orange and gold, also red white and what? Really need three colours to work with. That is, orange gold and ..........., Red white and ..........

I need to choose from either of the two.


Karo Itoje's reply (Admin)

I'm sorry your wedding is so near and I'm just replying to this. I hope you still find my response helpful.

Orange, gold and white.

That was even 2face Idibia's wedding colors!

You can also use orange, gold and brown.

orange gold white wedding colors combination - traditional

orange gold white wedding colors combination - traditional

orange gold white wedding colors combination - traditional

Red, white and black or red, white and blue.

red, white and black is the most beautiful and elegant. However I have my reservation using black on a wedding day. And in Nigeria where many people are close minded it will make them uncomfortable since black is associated with death. So use black very lightly. Don't make it a dominant color. Don't wear a black dress and don't have your bridesmaids in black.

Here's a combo to give you an idea of how to use black color in your wedding safely.

red white black wedding colors combination white wedding

May your wedding be all you hoped it will be.

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