5 Tips For Handling Wedding Food - Tip #2 Will Help You Avoid Fist Fight During Your Wedding

Use the wedding food tips and ideas below to please your wedding guests; keep their stomach filled, and you'll be keeping your wedding in their hearts.

I attended a wedding recently where many wedding guests where left grumbling (including myself) over not been served the wedding foods.

A particular guest was so irritated that he got up and went to where the food was been served and started shouting and forcefully tried to get food and drinks from the servers.

It was all so disorganized and very discouraging to watch. Imagine after putting so much into planning a wedding, and making the expense necessary to make sure there's plenty of food to go round your wedding guests, some poor decisions about how to share the food among your guests ruins everything for you. I desperately want to help you avoid that.

Wedding guests generally, all over the world, expect that there should be plenty to eat and drink at a wedding. When that isn't the case, some take it very personal. Especially when it seems that there is some kind of discrimination going on where some rows are being served while others are ignored. Some of the people who take it very personal don't mind throwing a few punches over it.

My mum never attends a wedding without first eating from home to her satisfaction. One day I asked her why she does that even when she knows there will be plenty to eat at the wedding. She told me that she's attending the wedding to support and rejoice with the couple, she doesn't want that feeling to be affected by wondering while the reception program is going on when they will serve the food because she's hungry. And especially she doesn't want to be found grumbling when the food doesn't get to her.

I think that's a good mindset to have. However not everyone is like my mum. Moreover it's your obligation as the organizer of an event, any kind of event, but especially a wedding event (an event you've been dreaming of since you were a teenager, a celebration of love, of two people becoming one) to make sure your guests are taken care of.

Fail to do that and it's all your guests will remember about your day, not how beautiful your gown was, how happy you and your groom looked or even the souvenirs they got. After all there's a reason they say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

So what do you do to make sure all your guests are well feed during your wedding? Below I shared 5 essential wedding food tips. I hope you put them to good use and make your day as perfect as you deserve it to be.

wedding food ideas

1. Use take away plates to share wedding food

Have your wedding food shared in same quantity in disposable plates or even better the take away rubber plates. The take away rubber plates have better covers. Therefore you can use them even to share traditional wedding foods. Even if you'll use broken plates it should be for very special guests. So that all your servers have to do is just pass one each to your guests. The idea of using broken plates to share food generally to guests at a wedding is a bad idea.

And that was the first mistake with the food distribution of the wedding I attended. They used broken plates. And as expected there were not enough plates to go round all the guests. So they had to be waiting for some guests already served to finish up before serving other guests who were already very impatient. And because of that too there were confusion as to who has been served and who hasn't.

Whereas if the food was already dished in take away plates, you can load them in different bags and have one person carry a bag to each row and start sharing line by line. That way there's less likely to be an issue of who has eaten and who hasn't.

2. Don't allow wedding guests to go to where the wedding foods are stored

You can make a small sign board that reads "guests are not allowed in here" or whatever makes that clear to your audience. If that's not made clear especially in a Nigerian wedding the place will soon become crowded and distract other guests from the reception activities. Have ushers on standby, if a guest needs something, a bottle of water or whatever before its time to share refreshments or there was an oversight and he or she hasn't been served yet such guest should approach an usher not going into where the foods are stored to take or ask for something.

3. Delegate, delegate and delegate more

There are many family members and friends willing to help out during a wedding so put as many of them as you need to work if you're catering your own wedding. There should be people showing people where to sit. Others in charge of serving the wedding food. Others in charge of distributing your souvenirs etc.

If you can't hire professional ushers, make sure the family/friends you put in charge of sharing the food are not the greed type who are more interested in what they can take home than the satisfaction of your guests.

4. Make sure there's enough food to go round

Have a wedding budget and in your budget see how much you can allot to wedding food. And be realistic with what your budget can afford before deciding to invite 500 people to your wedding. The food is one of the things that eat quickly into a wedding budget.

5. Use professional caterers and ushers

You may be thinking I'd rather have people I know prepare my wedding food than complete strangers. I feel the same way too. However, you and I feel need to consider using professional caterers, because they're more likely to keep things organized than when we use friends and relatives. They're also less likely to put aside for themselves some of your food to take home as it is common with relatives. Finally professional caterers and users are less likely to be influenced by friends and relative when sharing the food.

The wedding food is a big part of the wedding. So I hope to share more wedding food ideas in the near future. For now these tips alone I have shared can make a big difference in your wedding.

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