Wedding Makeup Ideas - Bridal Makeup Tips For A Glowing Fresh-Faced Look on your Wedding Day

You want to look your best on your wedding day and the wedding makeup ideas shared in this article will help you achieve exactly that.

There are a few very good reasons to take your wedding makeup look seriously.

  • Your wedding is likely going to be best day of your life.

  • Take the breath of your groom away when he looks at you as you walk down the aisle to him.

  • Look your very best for the camera as those pictures will last a life time

There are a few things that make up your wedding look and they are:

  • The wedding dress

  • The wedding makeover - Face makeup, nails, head-tie or hairstyle and accessories (headpiece, veil, earrings, necklace).

  • The wedding shoes

  • The bridal makeup ideas in this article are for your face makeup and manicures. Usually the person who does the makeup does the nails too. And then for your body, mind and spirit. After all beauty they say starts from within.

Wedding Makeup Ideas - Bridal Makeup Tips

wedding makeup ideas- Lola Omotayo wedding makeover

For a glowing fresh-faced look on your wedding day you'll need to do more than just sit down on the morning of your wedding day for a makeup artist to work on your face. For the perfect wedding day look do the following.

Start planning early

Start your skin and nail care plan early. Say 6 weeks before the wedding day.

Hire a makeup artist

Decide on who to do your makeup for you. Before you make that decision look at bridal makeup looks photos and start talking to makeup artists whose work impresses you.

If you have a friend or family member that's good with applying wedding makeup and you want to use him or her then make sure he or she will take it seriously. Have him or her do some makeup trials on you before you finally decide.

Decide on a makeup look

Have your makeup trial 1-2 months before the wedding. Go with one or two friends/family members/bridesmaids so that you'll have a second opinion of the look.

When going for your makeup trial, so your makeup artist knows where to start from, go with pictures of makeup looks that appeals to you. You can get that either from magazines or on the Internet. You'll likely find some that speak to you from our bridal makeup looks photos gallery.

Choosing makeup colors

Your wedding makeup colors should compliment your wedding dress and bouquet colors. Same thing for your bridesmaids makeup. It should compliment their dress and bouquet colors.

Choosing a makeup style

Your wedding makeup style should depend on two things:

  • Your preference
  • The time the wedding will hold

You want your wedding look to really stand out from your everyday makeup look. However you still want to be yourself. How have you always liked your makeup? Loud or mild? And what does your groom think of makeup in general? For example I had an ex who always said to me when I wore makeup that he'll rather I don't wear makeup that he loves my face just as it is. Now if you're marrying someone like that you want to be considerate to his feelings about makeup. That is insist your artist keep your makeup as natural as possible but that still gives you that radiant look.

The time of the wedding is also important to consider. Will it hold in the day time as is often the case with Nigerian weddings or will it hold in the evening?

If it will hold in the day time, then do your makeup trial during the day. Or if it's in the evening do your makeup trial in the evening. It will allow you a better judgment of what look will be best for you.

If you're having you wedding in the morning/afternoon, a lighter more natural look will suit you better. And if it's in the evening then go for a bit dramatic look.

For more wedding makeup ideas continue with part 2 of bridal makeup ideas.

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