Wedding Makeup Tips - Bridal Makeup Looks Ideas (Important Tips)

I've shared enough wedding makeup tips that will guide you in achieving the perfect makeup look on your wedding day with the two articles:

Wedding makeup ideas part 1

Bridal makeup ideas part 2

However I thought I was yet to share the most important bridal makeup tips; hence another article on the topic. Actually it's really just one tip. But a very important one.

And here it is...

Best Wedding Makeup Tip

Don't DIY your wedding makeup. If that's not clear enough, I meant don't do your wedding makeup yourself. I remembered to mention this when I remembered someone suggested that to me sometime ago.

I don't see myself as a makeup pro, not even close. But I have the basic knowledge to do a fairly beautiful makeup; for myself at least.

And I have been able to master a general makeup look that I wear. I might change a color to match a dress color, or choose to wear a natural makeup look, but the process I follow is the same. And it works for me.

For example here's one of my natural makeup look.

wedding makeup tips
Yes. that's me!

The makeup is not bad right?

I think I have just enough knowledge to DIY my everyday makeup. But someone said that I wore my makeup well that I could as well do it myself on my wedding day. I felt flattered. But there is a good reason why I'll never consider doing that. And you shouldn't either.

I won't consider doing my own wedding makeup because I'm likely going to be tensed on my wedding day from the fear of not doing it perfectly. And that type of tension could make everything go wrong. Even when you're a pro your hands can become suddenly shaky. Your wedding day could become the only day you can't get your makeup right. And that will really suck.

So the best advice is to have someone else do your wedding makeup.

If you can't afford a professional makeup artist then have a friend who is good at it to do it for you.

Moreover, it's your wedding day. Your big day. Allow yourself to be pampered. To be served by professionals. And look your best ever!

If money is an issue, then cut wedding cost in other areas. Not in the area that affects you directly like your makeup. Your general wedding look, gown, shoes, hairstyle, nails and makeup is supposed to be your top priority in your wedding planning. But your makeup is especially important because every one of your guests is going to be focused on you. Your face. And then there are the wedding pictures that will last a life time to think about too.

I think with this I can now officially say I have shared all the wedding makeup tips necessary for giving you that perfect look on your wedding day. I hope you agree with the points I made in this article. I think it's important. But you may think differently. I hope not.

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