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Wedding news is among the few types of news that you hear that brings smile to your face, lightens your day and inspire you whether getting married is still far in the future for you or you're a bride or groom planning your wedding or you're married. Wedding news stories uplifts the spirit.

The love, joy and togetherness is contagious! Whether you know the person being married or not, when you hear news of someone getting married or witnessed one, you're deeply touched and full of good wishes. And if you're not spoken for yet, it suddenly renews your hope of finding your love someday and you can imagine that special day as if it's happening already!

Thousands of people marry everyday across the globe. Imagine being able to read of some of these wedding stories and follow wedding trends. You'll be entertained and inspired. If you're not getting married you likely know someone who is and can give wedding advice when they need it; if you get yourself updated of happenings in the wedding industry.

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This Wedding news page..

1) features the major (global) stories that Google News pulls together about Weddings from news sources around the world

2) lets you be reporter and editorialist, too...

Yes, you can comment on the news. Even add your own Wedding news! Do you have a funny wedding story, the 411 on a celebrity wedding, or even celebrity wedding gossip? Want to add your own editorial comments about the news? If so...

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First, though, here is the major Wedding news as gathered by Google from more than 4000 news resources from around the world...

Google's Wedding News From Global Sources


And here's the Yahoo! news, pulled together from a wide variety of trusted and credible internet news sources, including New York Times, Washington Post and Reuters....

Yahoo's Wedding News From Global Sources

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Now For The Fun Part...

Become part of the news!

Write your own commentary on any news story you find. Have your say! Or write your own news about wedding even marriage! If it's informative and entertaining, it belongs here!

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