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Wedding Night Ideas - Hot Marriage Night Sex Tips

Sometime ago I wrote a long article giving wedding night ideas. Now that article is the most read page on this site. And I also noticed that a lot of people are coming to this site looking for information on "honeymoon night love" "honeymoon night tips" "honeymoon night sex" honeymoon sex tips for couple and so on.

So though I have written a lot on the matter of how to have a memorable wedding night sex even when you're a virgin and great marital sex afterwards I thought I'll add more tips that wasn't included in that article since it is a matter that interests a lot of brides and grooms.

If you're a virgin bride or groom or your partner is or you both are see the article on virgin first-time sex on wedding night before coming back to this article. Article opens in a new window to keep this page open for you.

Wedding Night Ideas

wedding night ideas

Make sure you can remember the night: Here's an important point I have to make. What's the point of having an unforgettable night if you and the groom or the groom is not sober enough to remember the night?

Some couples turn their weddings into one big party and forget that it's a special day and they together must create good memories that will last a life time. But especially because having those special moments during the wedding and on the marriage night is a great way to start your new lives together as husband and wife. It will help build your bond. You both don't want to get so drunk that you sleep all through the night and wake up with a hangover. No one is saying you can't sleep through the whole night but do so sober and in each other's arms and wake up remembering every bit of how good that felt.

After party may not be a good idea: The after party could get your groom drunk and ruin the night for you. If you'll have an after party then make it meaningful and special for you two; dance together and flirt with each other. And then leave early; don't get yourselves too exhausted. The wedding is already exhausting enough. There are more important things to do than partying all night; like focusing on the two of you and your new lives together.

The wedding night is the best day to start things right and reassure your other that your lives together would be wonderful because you may not know this but some couples, both or the bride or groom panic after the wedding. 'What will my life be like now?' 'A lot is going to change, can I cope?' 'Will I miss my old life?' Etc. And such feeling is only normal. The decision to get married is the biggest life changing decision anyone will ever make.

Do some flirting during the wedding: A memorable marriage night sex actually starts during the wedding when the couple steals every moment they can to flirt with each other. Meet each other's gaze and smile or wink, hold hands, touch arms, put arms around the other, kiss and hug. This builds anticipation for later. For couples to do this successfully however it's important they're very comfortable with each other and both don't mind PDA (public display of affection). You can even whisper dirty words to each other a few times during the wedding!

Buy a sexy lingerie before the wedding and wear it on the wedding night: No, don't just have your bath and come to your man naked. Instead wear a sexy lingerie and flirt with your man!

Make him lost in your beauty and compliment you a thousand times. But especially make him want to rip off the lingerie. But don't let things happen too fast! Slow it down. I don't know about you but there's something about taking your time with foreplay that makes love making the most unforgettable. Sex is too easy, few minutes the moment is over. But with some good foreplay; from light to heightened foreplay.

Start with some light kissing, then give each other some foot massage since you've both been standing all day, then naturally some more kissing, then body massage, then teasing sensual parts then some more kissing. With some foreplay the fun can last much longer and you'll both enjoy every moment of it!

You don't have to create a checklist of how to progress with your love making, just set up the scene and try to slow the main event as much as possible. Fill the time with flirting and foreplay. You should both be ready for the main event before you finally go for it.

Use Fragrance: There's nothing more inviting than a room and body with the right fragrance. Set up the perfect scene for the most memorable night of your life. Most men usually don't think of these things especially Nigerian men and the few that do sometimes can't afford to go through the trouble. But I'm sure they will appreciate and love it if you do it.

So after the wedding when you go home or to your hotel usually in the evening find some few minutes to be alone, send him somewhere if you must, and quickly set up the place. No one can do it better than you. Better if you do this after both of you have had a bath together. Then send him to buy something or check something out and quickly set up the room before he gets back. Let him come in and see his beautiful bride lying on the bed amidst rose petals. Sprinkle a few drops of essential oil on your sheet, put up some scented candles with great fragrance that will increase arousal and sexual desire. And finally dim the lights! If he'd rather have the lights on, then let him put them on when he comes in. Trust me, create such setting and there's no way the night would not be unforgettable especially when you set this all up as a surprise.

wedding night ideas

Be Expressive and encourage your groom to be too: How are you feeling about being married to him and right that moment? Don't keep it to yourself share it with your husband. And if he doesn't willingly share how he's feeling then ask him. Communication is an important skill you both must master in bed and out of bed in other to have a great wedding night and more of such nights afterwards and a happy marriage.

I'm sure if you put these wedding night ideas to use including the tips I shared before on how to have a hot honeymoon night, you'll have a memorable wedding night that will be a good story to remember and share anytime of your life. But most especially you'll build a stronger bond and learn to enjoy each other sexually.

Just don't forget to come back after a great wedding night and share your honeymoon night story with us. We'll like to hear all the details; well maybe not all the details but some at least :)

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