Printable Nigerian Wedding Planning Checklists
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I've put together a few effective printable wedding planning checklists to help you plan the perfect Nigerian wedding.

There's a few good benefits to following a checklist when planning your wedding.

The Benefits of Checklists to Wedding Planning

  • Checklists puts everything in perspective for you.

  • Checklists helps you stay organized making sure you plan for everything you want for your big day. Once you've put the time into drawing up an effective planning list (and I really mean put in the time), you simply tick off items on the list as you complete them.

  • Knowing what needs to be done and how to get them done makes your wedding planning easier.

  • There's a satisfaction of accomplishment each time you tick something off your list. And as you tick off more and more task, you'll start to feel more calm about things going well on your big day.

All the checklists below are provided as a guide to help you draw up your master wedding checklist because you'll find items on the list that doesn't apply to you and then some that applies to you wouldn't be on it. You're supposed to adjust the checklist by neatly striking off those items that doesn't apply to you and with a pen add those that are missing to create a checklist that meet your wedding needs.

Printable PDF Wedding Checklists

Click the download links below to download all the wedding planning checklists.

Click to download 12 months Nigerian wedding planning checklist.

Wedding day checklist (coming soon)

Wedding guest list (coming soon)

Wedding vendor checklist (coming soon)

Wedding photography checklist (coming soon)

Bookmark this page, the rest of the checklists will be added soon.

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