Wedding Theme Ideas - Wedding Colors Scheme And Color Combination

Need wedding theme ideas? What wedding colors theme to use is one of the biggest challenges brides-to-be face. Choosing a wedding color is a bit tricky; what goes with what and what doesn't. Some brides get it so right and others not so right.

Keeping to a theme for your wedding is important because it helps tell your guests what to expect even before the wedding ceremony and party. It sets the right mood and adds to the beauty of the day when done right.

In this article I share some ideas for picking and combining colors for your wedding theme.

Wedding Theme Ideas

First, think of the kind of mood you want to set because that's the purpose of following a theme; you want to set a particular mood. Not all brides to be care enough about setting a mood to want to carefully pick and use colors to keep to a wedding theme. But if you do, then that's the first step. Picture your wedding with your mind's eye, what kind of mood would you want to create? Do you want a romantic atmosphere where everything about the place says Love and Romance? Or come let's party and dance?

While you think about that you also want to think about what color combinations appeals to you and what colors the groom-to-be likes. It's not just about creating a mood, you also want to add your personality and that of your groom into your theme and that starts with adding a touch of colors to your wedding theme that appeals to the both of you in your everyday life.

Once you've decided on the mood you want to create, research on the colors that will give you that mood. There's likely going to be many colors to choose from and many shades of those colors too. Every color has varying shades. So it's not just enough to say I want green; you decide on what shade of green.

I'll suggest you consult with a professional wedding decor to help you put together just the right colors for the mood you want to create. Or brainstorm with family and friends. Usually it takes a creative mind to put the right colors together. And some people are more creativity than others.

When you've successfully pick your colors shades, it's time to decide how exactly you'll apply them. Start with the five essentials of wedding elements.

  • Invitations
  • Attire
  • Flowers
  • Cake
  • Favors

And then see where you could add more colors.

Wedding Invitations

You start to create your wedding mood from your invitations. Coordinate your invitation colors with your wedding colors.

Wedding Attire

Decide what color of dress you want to wear. White is the traditional color; however you're free to use any color you so desire. But in the process of trying to be unique or be the exception or be yourself, do not totally ignore wedding traditions. You don't have to wear white, but you shouldn't wear a dress color too that will create a negative vibe for your guests. Example of such is using a black dress. Black generally gives the feeling of mourning not celebration. So consider the feelings of your guest too.

Bride and Groom in Black wedding dress

Your bridesmaids dresses can either match the bouquets, invitation ribbons, favor bags or mix and match varying color shades. Pink and orange, pale green and yellow etc.

Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake should reflect other style elements used through the wedding. And your options here are flexible. See wedding cakes information.


It's not necessary to match your theme with your favors. However it's a nice touch if your favors is made in your wedding color scheme.

Do not overmatch. It can make your wedding theme become boring.

Pictures of some Wedding Colors Theme

Chololate brown and pink wedding theme

chololate brown and pink wedding colors theme

Navy Blue and Grey wedding Scheme

navy blue and grey wedding color combinations

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