What Is A Wedding Planner?

According to Wikipedia, a wedding planner is a professional who assists with planning and organization of weddings.

In other words a wedding planner is that person that does your worrying for you during your wedding planning and make sure your wedding runs as smoothly as possible while you focus on enjoying your wedding to the fullest. And he or she does this for a fee of course.

Do I really Need a Wedding Planner?

No, you don't need a planner but you'll likely want one when you actually know what they do and how they help your overall wedding.

Update August 10, 2015

NWG just launched a new feature on the site. It's called Ask A Wedding Planner. The goal of the new feature is to give you a one-on-one access to a professional Nigeria wedding planner to help you answer any wedding questions you may have without you needing to hire her if you can't afford to. With this new feature you're less likely to need to hire a wedding planner. A simple one hour consultation with her may be all you need from her to add that professional touch to your wedding planning. Read more about our Ask A Wedding Planner feature.

What Wedding Planners Do

Most of the average weddings in Nigeria are planned by the brides to be with support from her friends and family. And some of the weddings turn out very well. But could a wedding planner have made it better? Most importantly can a wedding planner make your wedding planning simpler for you and overall help your wedding planning and organization without you feeling any of the stress?

Wedding planners can work full time and part time aka as Day of Coordinator.

When you hire a wedding planner to work full time it means the wedding planner takes care of the wedding planning and organization until after the wedding is over and every vendor is paid and everywhere packed and cleaned. In other words the planner plans the wedding and then on the day of the wedding he or she coordinates the wedding.

But if you hire a planner just to play the role of a wedding coordinator? Then the planner's duties is simply to make sure that everything runs smoothly as it has been planned on the wedding day. However to do this effectively the wedding planner will have to before your wedding consult with you to find out how you've planned everything to run, those who will be taking part in the wedding program and your wedding vendors.

Obviously hiring a wedding planner full time will be more expensive than hiring him or her to work as a Day of Coordinator. However that doesn't mean the planner's work will be less hectic.

A Day of Coordinator's duties are as follows:

  • He or she will contact vendors at least one week to the wedding to introduce him or herself and collect their contacts for easy access.

  • He or she will make sure everyone understands what is expected of them and how to follow through. Usually a timeline is created that is distributed to everyone that will be taking part in the wedding program.

  • He or she will attend the wedding rehearsal that takes place a day or two to the wedding to see if everything is well organized or if there's anything to be corrected before the wedding day.

  • He or she arrives early on the wedding day to supervise and make sure things go exactly how the bride wants them to and guests are attended to and well managed.

  • Then when the wedding ends after every guests is gone he or she makes sure that vendors final payments are given to them and that the bride's personal properties and wedding gifts are properly packed and secured where the bride wants it.

You can see that is a lot of work. Things you usually will be worried about is what the planner does; giving you the opportunity to just enjoy the day instead of people coming to you every now and then to ask for and complain of one thing or the other and you looking so stressed on your D day.

Should you Hire a Wedding Planner for your Wedding?

I'll say Yes. And I'll still say yes even though you're trying to cut cost because in the end a wedding planner pays for itself except of course all you want is an intimate wedding; that is a small wedding of less than 50-100 people.

But if you want at least an average wedding then I'll say cut cost in other areas and hire a planner. The benefits of having a planner are enormous. Aside taking the stress completely away from you, a planner helps you get lots of discount from wedding vendors which will help you cut some cost. And that is why I said a planner pays for itself.

An experienced planner has planned a lot of weddings and will continue to plan more. So vendors know planners can get them lots of businesses in the future if they get a good service including a good price so often they are open to giving them discounts if they ask for it. So with a planner you're more likely to get a better service from vendors and at a good price too.

Also in weddings where families always want to interfere with the wedding, having a wedding planner helps you a lot because the wedding planning is not in your hands so people can't dictate to you. If they try to, you simply direct them to your planner. And since the planner is not a family member (oh, please make sure he or she is not. If not, you may as well give up having a planner) he or she can give unemotional advice and help you see that it is followed through.

A wedding planner saves you time, stress and money.

Tips for When Hiring a Wedding Planner

To get the full benefits of using a wedding planner hire a full time wedding planner that has good experience with wedding planning.

Clearly explain on your initial consultation what you expect your wedding to be like (the size, the feel, the story to tell etc) and what you expect from the wedding planner.

Though you hire a planner your wedding plans should be your idea not that of the planner. And you want to make it clear before hiring the planner that he or she must consult with you before making any changes to what you want.

Finally I know I've said this before and don't have to say it again, but I will anyway. Don't hire a family member or relation or even a friend to plan your wedding. Get someone neutral that cannot be influenced by anyone.

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