Who Pays For The Wedding In Nigeria Traditionally

Traditionally who pays for the wedding expenses in Nigeria is expected to be the groom to be. Notice the word expected because though it's expected it doesn't always work that way.

Why the groom?

People look up to the groom to pay for the wedding because Nigeria tradition take the role of the man as head seriously. The man is head over his woman. She looks up to him including everyone close to her. He's the provider. And he's the one marrying the woman not otherwise. So he takes care of the bill for the wedding.

However while a few Nigerian men take it seriously to be the provider for the woman and therefore will not allow their woman to contribute any money to the wedding, many don't mind the woman supporting them financially including sharing from the wedding expenses. In fact because of the situation of the country today where many of its men are underpaid it has become almost normal to expect the bride to be to take up some part of the financial burden of the wedding. And there are even a few brides that spend more on the wedding than the groom to be does.

On average however the groom pays for more of the wedding expenses. So it's safe to say 75% the groom and 25% the bride to be.

How about their families? Don't they pay for anything?

The average families often support in their little ways. But it's not really expected of them. So if both families say they have nothing to add financially the bride and groom has to pay for the wedding themselves. Or get some support from friends.

For the rich and mighty however the wedding expenses is covered by both families. Often both parties families supporting more than the couple to be themselves. The rich in Nigeria often follow most of the wedding traditions of the US. And for the US weddings traditionally, the wedding expenses is shared among the bride to be, groom to be, the family of the bride to be and the family of the groom to be; although that tradition is not set in stones.

The reality however for average weddings in Nigeria is that we find the groom and bride to be paying for a larger part of the wedding and the families supporting them the best they can. Families support sometimes with cash and others support by buying some of the needed wedding stuff themselves.

When two people decide to marry the first thing they may want to decide on his who pays for the wedding because they will need to sort this out so that they can draw up a wedding budget.

How much does the groom to be have?

Is the bride to be working? Can she support? And is she willing to? If so, how much can she contribute?

Is any help coming from the families? In what way? Is it in cash or how?

Are there friends willing to support? Is it with cash? How much?

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